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Create beautiful harmony from a single line of melody notes and never need sheet music again.

A computer has never before been able to create such lush harmony. You will be amazed that this has been done in software.

Play the melody line, then press one button and a complete beautiful harmony is created with lush chords in a visual format that anybody can play!

The advanced harmony engine within this app is continuously fine tuned and tweaked every month by our musical engineers to ensure the harmony sounds hand created. From within the app you can download the latest harmony rules from our server.

Don't like what the Harmony Pro has created, easily fine tune the result with the millions of other combinations presented for your melody line.

Take something as simple as Jingle Bells and turn it into something beautiful with advanced chord changes that you would expect to hear only from someone with years of experience and training.

Now you can play those advanced chords i.e. 6,9b5, 13sus, #9#5, 11b9, Maj 13, etc.

You will be amazed at the lush beautiful chord changes that are generated with this app.

Say Bye-Bye to that computer generated music sound!

Create beautiful re-harmonizations and chord progressions for your favorite songs and sound like a pro. Works on any musical genre Jazz, gospel, contemporary, etc. Watch amazing videos of this app in action.

Gregory Moody the owner of Creative Music is the cousin of NEA Jazz Master and 2011 Grammy Award recipient JAMES MOODY.

This app will take your musicianship to the next level no matter what your experience level. I am sure you have all heard beautiful renditions of songs played differently from how they were originally written and you wondered where all of those gorgeous chord changes come from.

Now you can do it yourself with this app.

- Choose Harmony Chord styles
- Jazz - Rock - Black Gospel - Contemporary
- Hundreds of sound patches
- Print your creation
- Save as PDF
- Send as email
- Post to Facebook

Contact us for questions or support directly from the app.


Versión 1.2

This is mainly a maintenance release since this is a new app.
- There is a new screen detailing the status of your subscription for users that have subscriptions. Subscribers must have their iCloud enabled to save their purchases incase the app is deleted. There are additional warning screens displayed if your iCloud is not enabled as well as a status screen to verify if your subscriptions have been saved to iCloud.
- you can now connect your midi keyboard to the app to input notes.
- subscribers have a new preset- details on our website


Gregory Moody
58.2 MB

Requiere iOS 7.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPad.



Compras dentro de la app
  1. Premium Sound Pack 350 S/ 12.90
  2. 1 month access to over 6500 Jazz and Contemporary Chords S/ 6.90
  3. 6 month access to over 6500 Jazz and Contemporary Chords S/ 32.90


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