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Genii, The Conjuror’s Magazine, is your entry into the fascinating world of magic. The largest selling independent magazine for magicians, published since 1936, Genii is a full-color magazine devoted to this hobby and profession.

For over 75 years, Genii has been magicians’ favorite publication, filled with in-depth feature stories about the great magicians, current shows, product reviews (the latest books, DVDs, and apparatus sold to magicians) and the trend-setting magic tricks, with full explanations, for your own performances.

And if you’ve ever wondered where magicians buy their illusions, it’s from our advertisers! Here are the latest creations from the most exclusive magic merchants.

This renowned magazine provides an amazing look at the personalities and secrets in this fascinating world. Every month, Genii brings the world’s greatest magic to the world’s greatest magicians and its available wherever you take your iPad or iPhone.

Genii is available by subscription. Once you’ve subscribed, this free iGenii app will allow you to read monthly issues through your Apple iPhone or iPad.

The previous 11 months of issues will always be archived and available to read on your iPad or iPhone in addition to the latest issue.

When you read Genii, you’ll experience the world of magic and magicians in a completely new way.


Versión 3.2.64

Added read and swipe modes in the menu bar.
- Read Mode (previous default viewing mode)
- See pages in full screen
- When you single tap an article it will show in text mode
- Double tapping will zoom you into the page

Swipe Mode
- The page fits the width of your screen
- Tap the screen with two fingers to select an article in text mode
- Single or Double tap to zoom in page
- Simple horizontal and vertical swipes to view all content of all pages

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