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Stickman, Fight!! Enter the challenging arena of an intense archery battle where you compete against a horde of rapidly approaching enemies to kill them and clear the stage for becoming an archery hero. Put your ease at the doorstep as this game demands a great deal of concentration and deadly moves. Stay alert and act as quickly and accurately as possible to shoot the bow and arrow for killing enemies.
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Epic Stick Battle Game
Experience first-hand stick battle involving the use of bow and arrow to stump a vast number of enemies coming at you. In this intense game, the danger is from every side, and you must kill all enemies as quickly as possible to retain your power and stamina.

Stickman Survival Encounters
Join stickman on a deadly stickman survival journey. Help your archer aim shoot and kill the enemies to reduce the number of attacks till no enemy is left alive in the archer defence zone.

Aim Shoot to Kill Many Enemies
The fighting game has straightforward controls. Tap and drag the arrow on the screen to view predictive shot. Once the arrow is aligned, release the touch to shoot the arrow and kill enemies before you run out of power and stamina.

Strengthen Your Archer Defense
As you move up in the game stages, the number of enemies and the frequency of enemy attacks will also increase. Use multiple boosters to strengthen your archer defence and kill more enemies in every challenging stage. You can also unlock new talents and weapons to fight the evil and become the archery hero!

Claim Your Win
Let no one stand in your way of becoming an archery hero in this epic battle game. Every enemy must be hit and shot multiple times before it dies. You need to think strategically and act quickly to kill the enemies on the ground as well as the ones flying in the air!

Features of Stick Fight – Shadow Archer Battle Arena
Simple and easy stickman battle game UI/UX
Appealing shadow stickman survival game graphics and HD elements
Quick and easy aim shoot and release game controls for more fun
Intense, Hyper casual archery battle game featuring many enemies
Use arrow shooting skills to kill archers, wizards and fight the evil
Get Archer defence and attack boosters to kill enemies quickly
View your power rating and remaining survival stamina on the game screen
Become an archery hero by destroying all enemies and clearing all the challenging 20 stages
Option to choose your talent and archery battle item before starting the game
Customize gameplay by selecting a country of game
Possibility to replay already completed stages as many times as you like
Predictive shot dotted lines to help you aim shoot accurately

Are you ready to become an archery hero by winning a stick battle? The new archery battle game is the best option for you. Download and play Stick Fight Shadow Archer Battle Arena today!

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