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During my vascular neurology fellowship, I found myself frequently unable to remember the details of landmark trials and having to go back and re-read them. This was inefficient, so I started writing them down. After summarizing and analyzing a few dozen articles, I figured why not share them with other learners? In 2014 I released the first version of the stroke trials app and have been building upon it since. I hope it helps you in your training as it did with mine.

Find key points in landmark studies fast. Each trial summary highlights the results, limitations, and "the bottom line".

View trials alphabetically or chronologically. Narrow results using filters and use multiple filters simultaneously.

Share citations or full PDFs from one place without having to search PubMed.


Versión 4.0

The payment bug is fixed. Once you purchase Stroke Trials using your Apple ID or Google Account, you will not be prompted to purchase the app again when you update your OS or switch to a new device. Each user can license up to 2 devices with the email they used
to purchase the app

When a PDF to an article is available for an article you want to share, they are automatically attached to the email. If the PDF associated with the trial is not freely available, an error message will display letting you know.

The app can be used offline using the most recent cache data.

You can favorite articles and look for your favorites under the filters menu.

An “x” at the end of the search bar allows you to clear the contents of your search bar more easily.

An “Announcements” page now gives you push notifications about upcoming app updates.


Ali Saad
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Requiere iOS 10.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



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