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We all know that learning to multiply is a fundamental part of our child's elementary education. Learning the multiplication time tables should not be that difficult or traumatic to our children. Instead we believe that learning the multiplication tables could be both fun and an enjoyable learning experience.

xTimes Tables goal it to help our children to learn the multiplication time tables up to 12. It is a simple and rewarding multiplication game that will allow the practice of individual multiplication facts by associatting the two numbers that multiplied together equal the result presented during game play. Clues are available to help your children finding an answer when they are stuck with a question.

As your child plays the game with a multiplication fact they obtain a game score and as they get better they will unlock an achievement that makes them a "Master of a time table value". As a parent you can review how your child is progressing towards earning that achievement for each of the facts.

The game allows your children to focus on the facts that need to be learned or improved. The game not only helps the memorization process but also improves the understanding by reversing the usual way of asking for a multiplication fact i.e. instead of asking 2 x 5 = ? the game asks tell me a number that multiplied by 2 equals 10.

As your child continues to play their speed and accuracy are improved leading them to higher scores they can compare to other players, and ultimately earn the master achievement on the facts. At the end of the game a simple graphical representation shows them which facts are they having challenges with then allowing them to focus on the gaps.

As parents you can play with your children, see first hand what facts they already know, their scores and achievements obtained. Being engaged in their learning process is not only quality time spent together but an opportunity to having fun while helping them to master the multiplication time tables.


Versión 1.2

The best multiplication game now supports training mode using flashcards. Improve your skills through training and beat your friends at the multiplication tile game!


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Requiere iOS 8.4 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



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