The urge to merge

1 plus 1 equals more than 2 in these amazing merging games.

Wine and cheese. Bacon and literally everything. Some things are simply better together. And that’s the premise of merging games: combine items to create bigger, cooler ones – and keep going, because you never quite know what’s coming next.

Whether you’re creating cuddlier kittens or more meddlesome monkeys, double down on these hits.

Form fire breathers

The evil Zomblins have infected the land of Dragonia – and to revive it, you’re going to need to match... just about everything. In Merge Dragons, combine flowers, trees, statues and, yes, dragons to fight the scourge and heal your homeland. With challenging puzzles and dozens of flame-throwing friends to unlock, Merge Dragons blends different game types into a hot new concoction.

    Merge Dragons!

    Grow and Evolve a Magic Dragon


Combine cats

What’s cuter than a bunch of soft, adorable cats? A bunch of softer, more adorable cats! Cat Condo lets you construct a lucrative cat paradise by breeding furballs. The fancier the feline, the more money it’ll rake in (naturally). Why settle for a Japanese bobtail when you can merge your way to a British shorthair?

    Cat Condo

    Build a cat tower!


Make monkeys

The simian stars of Monkeynauts: Merge Monkeys! are willing to endure the cold, dark reaches of space if you’re willing to blend them first. Explore space stations and beyond as you send your brave animal pals deeper and deeper into the great unknown. Keep merging until you have a veritable planet of apes.

    Monkeynauts: Merge Monkeys!

    Uber Cute Monkey Matching Game


Blend builders

There’s gold in them hills – but it isn’t going to mine itself. That’s why you have an army of helpers at the ready in Merge Miners: Idle Tycoon. Combine your trusty miners to generate funds, then spend cash to upgrade a small mining town. Best of all, the hardy workers keep gathering gold even when you aren’t playing. How’s that for a merger and acquisition?

    Merge Miners: Idle Tycoon

    Build, Click and Grow