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Use the Amazon Alexa app to manage Alexa-enabled devices, control music playback, view shopping lists on the go, keep track of upcoming reminders, check on active timers and much more. When you enable hands-free with Alexa, you can talk to Alexa by simply saying “Alexa” when the app is on your screen. The more you use Alexa, the more she adapts to your voice, vocabulary and personal preferences.

• Get more out of your Echo device through personalized feature recommendations from Alexa
• Discover and enable recommended Alexa skills
• Pick up where you left off directly from the home feed with lists, shopping, or recently played Music and Books

• Set up your Alexa-enabled devices, control or check status of your compatible smart lights, locks and thermostats at home or on the go
• Create routines to automate your smart home devices

• Connect to music services like Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio. Choose a song or playlist and listen on your Alexa-enabled devices
• Create speaker groups to play music across your compatible Echo devices for multi-room music

• View and edit shopping and to-do lists on the go, get weather and news updates, manage timers and alarms, and more

• Use Drop In from your app to connect instantly with your compatible Echo devices, like a two-way intercom
• Call or message supported Alexa-enabled devices, at no additional cost.

By using this app, you agree to Amazon’s Conditions of Use (, Privacy Notice (, and all of the terms found here (

Co nowego

Wersja 2.2.590418.0

Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

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4,4 z 5
Ocen: 4,1 tys.

Ocen: 4,1 tys.

kubeklubek ,


I love this app, but there is something i need to be in it. It’s Banner with option to for example: turn on/off lights with just one click on a banner thats on our home screen. Thanks for everything :)

Piotr Przybylowski ,

It is always turning on wrong light

It is so weird... we have Alexa over a year and whenever we ask Alex to turn some light we are wondering which one will turn on this time... from time to time Alexa will disconnect from WiFi or while it is playing in the living room front nowhere it will switch Devices and starting to play in bedroom 😞 well there is more what I don’t like it... but maybe it will do better later... ,

Devices list not flashing up

I was traveling abroad and didn’t use Alexa for about 3 months. When got back home my devices list wasn’t appearing. Had to reload the up, trying to restore all the devices with latest version of the app- will see..

Prywatność w aplikacji

Deweloper (AMZN Mobile LLC) wskazał, że zasady ochrony prywatności w aplikacji mogą obejmować opisane poniżej metody przetwarzania danych. Aby dowiedzieć się więcej, zapoznaj się z zasadami ochrony prywatności dewelopera.

Dane, które są z Tobą powiązane

Poniższe dane mogą być gromadzone i zostać powiązane z Twoimi kontami, urządzeniami lub tożsamością:

  • Zdrowie i sprawność
  • Zakupy
  • Informacje finansowe
  • Położenie
  • Dane kontaktowe
  • Kontakty
  • Dane użytkownika
  • Historia wyszukiwa­nia
  • Identyfika­tory
  • Dane użycia
  • Informacje poufne
  • Diagnostyka
  • Inne dane

Zasady ochrony prywatności mogą się różnić, np. w zależności od używanych funkcji lub Twojego wieku. Więcej informacji

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