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Share rides with someone going your way. Find rides at your doorstep. Get away for the weekend by carpool or bus. Travel how you want - carpool, bus - the choice is yours with millions of rides on BlaBlaCar at your fingertips!

Driving somewhere?
Share. Drive. Save.
• Publish your ride in seconds.
• Decide who goes with you.
• Enjoy the least expensive ride you’ve ever made.

Want to go somewhere?
Book. Meet. Go.
• Search for a ride going anywhere you want to go.
• Find the ride closest to you, maybe one leaving from just around the corner.
• Book a seat instantly or request a seat.
• Get closer to where you want to go.

Book. Chill. Travel.
• Bag a bargain with bus tickets from just €5.
• Organise your next getaway in advance.
• Travel as a group by booking up to 9 travellers and their luggage.
• Enjoy free WiFi, make use of plug sockets and relax in reclinable seats.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


Co nowego

Wersja 5.74.0

In this version of BlaBlaCar, we've made a few tweaks and done a bit of fine-tuning to make the app even easier to use!

Oceny i recenzje

4.5 z 5
Ocen: 6.3 tys.

Ocen: 6.3 tys.

KrzysiekSz88 ,

Switching countries poses a problem

The app in general works fine, problems appear when I want to book a ride in a different country. I wanted to book a seat in Spain using Polish version of the app - which was impossible due to 'unexpected error'. I needed to log to my account using a browser AND a Spanish language version - which wasn't very smooth. All in all I have successfully used BlaBla, but the experience was pretty bad. Hope you can fix it soon!

Maciej M Maciejewski ,

Finding a ride im different country is a nightmare

When I was using the app in Poland, my native country, everything worked fine. But during a holiday in Portugal it appeared I had to change the language of the whole phone to find anything - it's absurd. When using polish language I could find the names of the cities, but there weren't any rides available. After changing the language of the entire phone the search started to show results and I could reserve a seat but using everything in a language I barley know is very difficult. If I was unable country where I didn't know any word it would be a disaster. Why can't I just change my location in the app itself? And why am I forced to use the language of the country I'm currently in?

Edit: I'm forced to change the langue of the ENTIRE PHONE because you have issues with various payment options in different countries? Wow...

Odpowiedź dewelopera ,

Depending on the country in which the route runs, a different payment method applies. For this reason, only those journeys whose route takes place in a given country are displayed on a particular language platform. Due to the described situation, we don't wan't to provide language option in the application because that would introduce additional difficulties for passengers. We work intensively on the unification of our service. However, we do not know the date of implementing those changes.

Tigotrios ,


I thought it wasn't possible to make the experience worse than it already was, but you did it. The new "one thing on a screen at a time" form for new rides is counterintuitive and annoying. Questions are asked in a weird order, if I want to change something, I need to go back a few steps and redo them afterwards. "Trust us we know what the passengers are willing to pay" - trust me, I know how much the ride costs me and I have never had problems finding passengers for that price.

The new form may be a good idea for first-time users, but for someone who's already offered 40+ rides it feels slow, unintuitive, annoying and condescending. I really wasn't a fan of the mobile app before, but now you've made it even worse. Congratulations.

Odpowiedź dewelopera ,

Thank You for Your feedback. It will be sent to our Product Team for reviewing.


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Wymaga systemu iOS 11.0 lub nowszego. Zgodność z urządzeniami: iPhone, iPad oraz iPod touch.


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