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More than a sightseeing app!

The city is the people who create it. So we have given the voice back to the city residents. We have collected their memories, experiences, stories, emotions, photos, sounds… and assembled them into CityTalks audio stories.

Listen to professional guided audio records about the places you pass on your way home from work, or during your sightseeing walks, and learn your city again from scratch.

Learn how CityTalks can enhance your sightseeing:

Thanks to CityTalks you can now listen to professional audio recordings about the places you pass while sightseeing - or even on your way home from work.

With the ‘Explore’ feature you can roam freely around the city, learning about the historical places you are passing. Use the CityTalks map to find stories around you. Click on a object for the place’s short description and sometimes archived photos.

CityTalks historians and travel guides have selected city stories and mapped them in thematic walks. Walks are a premium option with paid access.

You can prepare your own travel plan, or save stories and walks for future city walks.

Walk Diary lets you revisit your walks, noting the stories you heard and any photos you may have taken during your walk.

Filter all available stories by theme, district, object type or by distance from your current location.

Thanks to our City Talks application, you can feel at home in a completely unknown place or rediscover the city which you live in since birth. Wandering through the streets, parks, squares with City Talks is not only getting to know the history of monuments, famous tourist points, but above all the houses, tenements, blocks in which ordinary people lived.

Because the city is people, they create its identity. Getting to know the fate of people you get to know the city. That is why during the creation of City Talks the stories about castles, monuments, and markets were as important as the so-called ordinary life with stories of pre-war workshops, marketplaces, taverns and similar places.

Warsaw and Resovia in Poland are the first cities described in our application. Soon City Talks will be wandering all over Poland. Our stories are open, if you know an interesting story from your city – share it with us and add another point to our CityTalks map.

Join the CityTalks adventure, and listen to the City.

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Ocen: 7

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Nie działa na iOS

Fajny pomysł, bardzo ciekawy, chciałam skorzystać, natomiast niestety nie działa na iOS, nie da się kupić trasy :/
Wygląda też dość paskudnie porównując z Androidem. Ale nie zrażam się! Trzymam kciuki za rozwoje :)

Prywatność w aplikacji

Deweloper (CityTalks Sp. z o.o.) nie podał Apple szczegółów dotyczących zasad ochrony prywatności oraz przetwarzania danych. Aby dowiedzieć się więcej, zapoznaj się z zasadami ochrony prywatności dewelopera.

Brak informacji

Podczas zgłaszania kolejnego uaktualnienia aplikacji deweloper będzie musiał podać informacje dotyczące ochrony prywatności.


  • Chmura rodzinna

    Po włączeniu Chmury rodzinnej z aplikacji tej będzie mogło korzystać do sześciu członków rodziny.

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