Classic Snake 4+

Farid Ahmad

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The classic game of Snake - eat the targets & grow, but don’t run into anything !

A great way to relax and tune-out from your day for a quick break.

Classic snake is the most customisable snake game you will ever find. Look at all the options !

Boards - Several challenging boards to master. From simple open board where snake wraps-around, to walls, to maze-like boards and more !

Speeds - From very slow to nearly impossibly fast

Time Bonus - Eat faster to earn more

Themes - Multiple snake skins and backgrounds to choose from

Controls - Directional or “Steering” controls (in settings)

Control Keys - Cursor keys or WASD keys - both sets are always available

Grow-rate - Choose how fast the snake grows on eating each target (in settings). Choose a high value to make the snake grow quickly for a very tough game ! Or choose 1 for a more relaxing gameplay

Number of targets: Control how many targets the snake has at any time. Set this to 1, few, or many ( in settings)

Snake Size: Choose from fat or thin to change the grid-size to your liking (in settings)

Music - 8-Bit retro soundtrack

Handy keyboard shortcuts:
P: Play
B: Change background
K: Change sKin (how the snake looks)
M: Menu
X: Toggle Sound
Spacebar : Pause

High scores are saved for each speed and board

I made Classic Snake because I loved playing it on my Commodore 64 back in the 80s. There were many versions of the game over the year and I wanted to keep the core of the game while giving options to fine tune according to a player's liking.

Snake is a game concept from a simpler time. Easy to pick up, easy to get into, and easy to get lost in. I've tried to retain that core flavour, while also letting you customise the game as you like.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it :)

Co nowego

Wersja 7.0

New Time Bonus Feature. Lookout for the time bonus progress bar at the bottom. Eat the next dot before it runs out for a bonus score !

New Music added. Choose it from the main menu Music Option which now shows the names of the background music track (tracks courtesy

other minor tweaks

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