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This game has an unusually high difficulty level. Nobody has ever finished it without a game over, and there’s just an illusory chance to make it happen. Claustroom will give you a real, genuine frustration. Many times. It’s probably the first mobile escape room that will make you cry out of helplessness.

Not only is this game difficult and frustrating - you’ll be surprised with its technical inventions. Our revolutionary spatial movement system will make you bend your body in every possible direction. Lean forward, lean to the sides… Sometimes it will be the only way to succeed. With the VR mode enabled you’ll feel like using the most advanced VR goggles on the market, but don’t worry, it’s in the standard mode too! Also, you’ll be amazed how rich and spatious all the game sounds are.

Let’s face it - it’s not another 5-minute game for a smartphone. It’s more like a standalone PC game, but in a handy package. You’ll be solving many puzzles, but be aware of some obstacles and even traps! Claustroom’s intelligent in-game system makes every try unpredictable and unrepeatable. Even if you win - it will challenge you to beat your own records.

In Episode I: "Dirty Job" you are stuck in the roadside toilet. It's a trap. There are countless ways to fail and only one way to escape. Can you make it before the time runs out?

Good luck! You’ll need that.

Warning! Nerves of steel required. Enter the security password if necessary: 3948.

Claustroom - probably the most difficult escape room game for mobile devices. Tell your friends, if you escape. Of course if you can at all...

Try demo for free, buy full game when you like it!


Director, screenplay, Game Design:
Marcin Banasiak
NiePokój: Mass Escape

Lead Developer, Game Design, 3D models, graphics:
Maciej Plater-Zyberk

Junior Unity Developers:
Kuba Przeworski, Bartłomiej Szczepaniak

Daniel Czapiewski

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Wersja 1.1

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

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5,0 z 5
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Ocen: 3

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Great game!

Best VR game ever!

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