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Ocen: 79

Fecibobe ,

Free updates couldn

A paid upgrade had to arrive sooner or later. Adding multiple photos is something I’m willing to pay and I hope that the developers will use my money to further improve the app. I just wish they had kept dropbox sync instead of introducing their own service.

Running owl ,

not secure

It's very pretty with a very nice user interface experience. For that you pay more than for a world class writing application such as Scrivener or Mellel. There's no video capabilities, although audio was just added (my previous journaling app has had these capabilities for over a decade). There is finally end to end encryption so while in transit between devices there's no way for anyone to look at your data. However, even though there's a password option to lock the app on the Mac, the actual data, including text, photos and audio, are stored in plain sight on the computer. It's not encrypted and you can't encrypt it yourself. Your only defence to protect your data is to encrypt your drive with File Vault and not turn on your computer--or be rediculously concsientious about locking it when you walk away because DayOne doesn't and has no plans to implement any security to keep the data any more private on your computer than any other file on your drive. Journaling in inherantly private and the thoughts I put into writing when I journal are not meant for anyone but me. This app isn't created with that in mind. But hey, they get a star for looking pretty and another for fast. helpful and truthful customer service. I hope you guys address these things because I'm bummed. I'd really like to like using Dayone.

Odpowiedź dewelopera ,

Thank you for your support and your feedback. Users that paid for Day One before we switched to the subscription business model keep all that they paid for forever, including indefinite maintenance updates to keep the app functional on future devices and OS updates. We moved to the subscription model to be able to stay in business. We love Day One and believe it to be a “lifetime” app. We don’t have ads and we don’t sell your data. Paying for Day One allows us to employ wonderful software engineers, support staff, and maintain unlimited online syncing for your data. http://help.dayoneapp.com/premium-subscription/day-one-premium-faq

porczynski ,

Very good support.

Big Thanks to Adam from the help service, for spending with me over two hours on a chat. Everything was solved. Thank you for the patience.

(I had an issue while moving to the new version – from a very ancient version of the app.)


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macOS w wersji 10.13 lub nowszej, procesor 64-bitowy


Polski, Angielski, Arabski, Chiński tradycyjny, Chiński uproszczony, Czeski, Duński, Fiński, Francuski, Hebrajski, Hindi, Hiszpański, Japoński, Koreański, Niderlandzki, Niemiecki, Norweski, Norweski (bokmål), Perski, Portugalski, Rosyjski, Szwedzki, Wietnamski, Węgierski, Włoski

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