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Organize your daily life to form good habits. Download and get the Simplest and Easiest experience to get organized and perform your daily routine.

Key Features

• Plan your schedule daily – Plan each habit perfectly with a time range to remind you of your habit. Watch your habit lineup screen transform dynamically by the time of day into a color-coded motivator for daily completion based on the timing of your habit

o FOCUS with today widget with next habit on top based on current time with all habits chronologically lined up with the habit running late to not due sorted in order. Leverage Siri Shortcut phrases to complete habits saving time.

o SAVE & MANAGE time with Timed Sessions - Time your habits precisely with single or combine habits or multi-step routines with multi-step timed sessions: e.g. different workouts, morning routine, evening routine, breathing, meditation, reading, staying away from your iPhone and anything you can imagine. Seamless flow of time and non time-based habits.

o Color-coded visual motivators – RED for past start time, YELLOW for upcoming and Green for not due on the current day

o Multiple times a day habit - Allows for habits like "drinking water 8 times a day" between start and end times and automatic color coded counter incrementing on done and reminding for equal intervals between the start and end times

o Has a goal value habit - Allows to track inputting a value against a target goal value e.g. sleep 8 hrs daily and recording the number of hours slept

o Trend chart for multiple times a day & goal value habits - Shows a visual progress chart against goal value as to how the habit is trending

• Habit Lineup Dashboard Screen to focus on one habit at a time – What’s due or late bubbles to the top with the next due and so on in chronological order. Keeping you focused on the most important thing do next and keep you on track all the time

• Automatic skipping of habits – Habit stays red and on top through midnight motivating you to complete. If you miss it that day, it auto-skips to next time the habit is due and sets up on your schedule for next time.

• Late night habits – Plan habits to start in the current day and end after midnight for the late night folks. It stays red and on top motivating you and only auto skips after the end time on the next day

• Interactive streak calendar allowing you to see and change your previous history if you missed recording a habit

• Motivating Assistive Repeating reminders – setup the interval between your start and end reminder time for each habit and watch the reminders nudge you to complete like a personal assistant and keeping you on track

• Interactive Alerts enable quick completion - Complete and mark habit as done directly from notification alert, notification center or from apple watch

• Automatic native iCloud backup and sync of habit data across all iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPhone) and never lose your habit data & its history

• Motivating Track Record – See your performance for this week, last week, this month and last month and inspire yourself. Also, see current and best streak with color coded (RED, YELLOW, GREEN) overall performance for your habit. Share socially with friends and family via socially connected apps like facebook, twitter, WhatsApp etc

Co nowego

Wersja 4.5.5

• Minor bug fixes & enhancements
Version 4.x features
• Run music in the background on multi-step timers and automatic fading for step start and step and text to speech voice. e.g. music in the background for multi-step workout timer.
• Can update blank unscheduled day in past by tapping on it to be marked as done
• Can Erase complete or skipped day on the calendar in the past by tapping on it and not count towards statistics or break streak e.g. planned miss instead of skipped
• Scheduling option for every 3 and 4 weeks by popular demand. This should help with repeating chore habits e.g. cleaning
• SIRI SHORTCUTS by popular demand - Record your desired phrase to mark habit as done or start a timed session. Now, leverage lock screen to see what's remaining in the today widget, and complete your habit task by talking to Siri, and get motivated and save time
• Start week on Sunday or Monday
• Haptic feedback in addition to voice prompts for timer step start and finish to detect a change if the volume is muted
• New HabitHub Today Extension widget by popular demand: Complete habit from today widget. Tapping done launches app and completes the habit or launches timed session habit directly from the widget.
• The widget also inherits the app's dark or light theme
• Bug fix for year change and current week / last week statistics sometime being incorrect
• Other minor fixes and minor enhancements
The 4.x release has been a very large effort. We would request feedback on any issues or design, so we can quickly address. Please send us feedback directly at support@habithub.net

Oceny i recenzje

4.8 z 5
Ocen: 9

Ocen: 9


Great app

I really like this app! So far outstanding! Smooth, clean and clear :) it's really easy to use which is important to me.

Waxtailor22 ,

A must-have

Nice and simple, perfect for keeping track on new habits. Especially loved the 'nag' feature.

Scorpi666 ,


Świetny organizer. Czytelny i przejrzysty.
Polecam !


Sabana Patel
40.5 MB

Wymaga systemu iOS 10.0 lub nowszego. Zgodność z urządzeniami: iPhone, iPad oraz iPod touch.



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