Every great idea starts with a thought. And another. And then a million more. MindNode helps you get all these thoughts out of your head and create a clear picture of your idea.

Try a 14-day trial of the full app for free.

• Capture Your Thoughts
Whether as words, images, links, tasks, or notes, capture your thoughts in any form. Don’t worry about order and importance. MindNode is the right tool to get your ideas out of your head and into the world. Features like Quick Entry make capturing fast-flowing thoughts a cinch.

• Organize Your Idea
Your document reflects your ever-changing understanding of an idea as you add and adjust thoughts. Move, connect, detach, and reconnect as often as you like. During this process Focus Mode and foldable branches allow you to concentrate on one thought at a time.

• Style Your Mind Map
Personalize your mind map with beautiful out-of-the-box themes or create your very own style. MindNode allows you to make your mind map look just right by styling every single detail the way you want it. And with Smart Layout your document will always look fantastic.

• Share Your Vision
Easily share your documents with others or move them one step further in your creative process. Send tasks to Apple Reminders, Things, or OmniFocus. Export your project as plain text, rtf, docx, csv, opml, pdf, image, markdown, or TaskPaper.

Whether it's your iPhone when on the go, your iPad or Mac at work, or your Apple Watch during a workout, with MindNode you stay productive wherever you are. A deep system integration lets you store your files on iCloud Drive and access them on all your devices.

DISCLAIMER: MindNode for macOS/iOS is sold separately.

• Capture everything: nodes may contain text, images, and links
• Tasks: give nodes a checkbox and turn them into tasks
• Notes: keep your mind map easy to read without losing a single detail
• Cross Connections: connect nodes in different branches
• Outline: see your entire mind map in one list and search it
• Quick Entry: just start typing to collect thoughts
• Themes: beautiful out-of-the-box themes and unlimited personal themes
• Stickers: 260+ hand-crafted stickers with adjustable colors
• Styling: rich styling options for every single part of your document
• Layouts: top-down and horizontal
• Fold branches: hide what you don’t want to show
• Focus Mode: put a spotlight on a single branch
• Dark Mode: for when your thoughts come at night
• External screen support: lock the viewport and take advantage of a second screen
• Share Tasks: to Apple Reminders, Things, and OmniFocus
• Export: plain text, rtf, docx, csv, opml, pdf, image, markdown, TaskPaper
• iCloud: everything synced through iCloud Drive
• Multi-Select: move/style/delete/… multiple nodes at once
• Adjustable UI: panels that will never be in your way

Reach out to us at support@mindnode.com and on Twitter (@mindnode). Let us know if you have questions or issues. We’re always glad to help.

MindNode is a free app with In-App purchases. The free app allows you to view your documents, as well as share them.

• You can unlock a fully-functional free 14-day trial.
• Unlock the full app with all features with a one-time purchase.

Co nowego

Wersja 6.0.5

• Allows using the "Center Main Node" during node title editing
• Adds a new shortcut "Center Selection" that can be triggered using "Ctrl + Cmd + R"
• Fixes a crash when exporting documents
• Fixes a crash when showing the panel with a multi-selection
• Fixes a crash when selecting nodes with images attached
• Prevents entering an invalid width, when long-pressing the node width in panel
• Right-to-left content of notes now stays RTL after editing

Oceny i recenzje

4.7 z 5
Ocen: 14

Ocen: 14

Rebellious 🖖🏿 ,

An app

I feel like it’d be helpful app

Odpowiedź dewelopera ,

Thank you!!

MaciekRyd ,

Simplicity end ergonomy plus almost all functionality you’d need for mind mapping.

In mindmapping tool should not dominate you neither influence your way of thinking. If you are looking for simple and easy tool that allows for transfering your ideas into easily accesible and editable mindmap - here it is. MindNode.

Odpowiedź dewelopera ,

Thank you for this radiant review! ❤️

sfytderttjyt ,

Too expencive

The app is too expencive and i cant go out of the tutorial.

Odpowiedź dewelopera ,

Sorry to hear you think so. Can you send us an email to support@mindnode.com describing the issue with the tutorial?

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