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Ocen: 1.1 tys.

TheMaciekZklanu ,

iPhonie X

Can you please add support for iphoneX?

Amalgamat ,

Worst app ever...

Warsaw, travelling with friends, I went to screen where you select number of tickets and enter bus number. Then switched to Google Maps for a moment and when bus appeard I’we switched back to Mobilet to finish purchase. And the app logged me out saying the time for entering PIN was out, but it didn’t asked for PIN in first place. After loging back in it told me my account was blocked for some stupid reason for next couple of minutes... and We were already in the bus... without chance to buy ticket. What stupid person design an app to work that way? Not recommend it!

be-jot ,

UX on this thing is abysmal

More correctly: it's none existing. After the payment is due there's no option to return or go to any other screen, you have to close the app and run it again.
Pin timeout locked me out of a possibility to get the ticket while I was on the subway. The workaround was to remove the app and install it again. There goes your security measure.
Hire a professional to do the professional's work, stop subcontracting to the lowest paid interns.
Two stars because the app works. Kinda.


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