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Photomator is a photo editing powerhouse, offering incredible tools for enhancing, retouching, and managing your photos. It includes an extensive collection of cutting-edge color adjustments, automatic selections powered by AI, powerful batch editing features, Clone and Repair tools for removing unwanted objects, and much more. Simply put, it has everything you need to make every shot your best.

The ultimate photo editing experience
• Adjust colors and lighting using a collection of powerful, nondestructive color adjustments
• Automatically make precise subject, sky, and background selections in photos using AI
• Add gradient masks, make color range selections, or simply paint over the areas you want to adjust using a brush
• Seamlessly clone or remove unwanted objects using state-of-the-art retouching tools
• Easily copy and paste edits between photos or batch edit entire photoshoots at a time
• Crop, straighten, and change the perspective of photos with a powerful and easy-to-use Crop tool
• Quickly change the look of photos using an extensive collection of presets, designed for landscape, black and white, and other photography styles

Tools powered by AI
• Automatically enhance shots using a machine learning algorithm trained on 20 million pro photos, or fine-tune individual adjustments, like White Balance, Selective Color, or Color Balance with a single click
• Magically increase the resolution of photos while keeping them detailed and sharp
• Remove camera noise and image compression artifacts with the Core ML-powered Denoise feature
• Instantly improve the quality of photos by removing color banding and increasing color depth with AI-powered Smart Deband feature
• Copy the look of any photo to another using the incredible color-matching feature
• Intelligently crop photos using machine learning-powered auto-cropping

State-of-the-art color adjustments
• Enjoy powerful tools for effortlessly adjusting the temperature, tint, exposure, contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, and vibrance in your photos
• Recover incredible amounts of detail in the highlights and shadows of photos
• Magically enhance fine details and structure in photos using powerful Clarity and Texture adjustments, or adjust textures in the highlights, midtones, and shadows separately
• Selectively edit individual color ranges with Selective Color, or improve the balance of colors in the shadows, midtones, and highlights with Color Balance
• Adjust lighting and colors with full precision using Levels and Curves adjustments
• Mix the balance of the red, green, and blue color channels to create intense color effects in your images
• Replace any color with any other using the Replace Color adjustment
• Create beautiful black and whites even from your color photos
• Use a range of additional adjustments, like Sharpen, Fade, Grain, Color Monochrome, Sepia, and Invert to make your photos stand out
• Instantly change the look of photos with LUTs or export custom LUTs to use in other apps

RAW editing made simple
• Open and edit over 650 RAW image formats, including Apple ProRAW and compressed Fujifilm RAWs
• Edit RAW photos as easily as photos in other formats using all the nondestructive tools, including Repair and Clone tools
• Easily batch-edit RAW photos together with photos in other formats

• Edit photos on your Mac, in cloud, or external drives with full macOS file system support
• Enjoy seamless Photos integration, instantly syncing edits between both apps
• With the support for iCloud Drive, enjoy seamless edit syncing across Mac, iPhone and iPad

Photomator is built from the ground up for Mac and integrates seamlessly with macOS Ventura. It uses powerful Apple technologies like Metal, Core ML, and Core Image to deliver staggeringly fast performance, even when editing large RAW photos or batch editing multiple images at a time.

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Co nowego

Wersja 3.3.2

Photomator 3.3 introduces a powerful file browser built with native macOS technologies. It brings an incredibly fast and smooth photo browsing and editing experience on your Mac, external drives, and even cloud services.

• The all-new file browser in Photomator is built using native macOS technologies, ensuring lightning-fast performance and a familiar interface that feels right at home on your Mac.
• Enjoy a wide range of powerful photo editing tools, such as full-featured color adjustments, one-click AI tools, powerful batch editing, and even full HDR editing support when working with photos in the file browser.
• Photo editing is completely nondestructive, letting you preserve the original photo and revert edits at any time.
• Edit photos stored on various cloud services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and more, as well as edit photos on SSDs, NAS devices, or SD cards.
• Switch between Photos and Files browsers by simply clicking the pop-up menu in the toolbar or pressing the X key.

Built Using Native Technologies
• The all-new file browser in Photomator is built upon the Apple File System to offer a macOS-native experience.
• Thanks to its native capabilities, you can browse and edit photos quickly and easily and import even tens of thousands of photos in moments.
• The browser doesn't catalog or store duplicates of your photos and lets you automatically sync edits with the originals, saving storage space.
• Effortlessly sync edits through iCloud Drive and collaborate with colleagues, friends, and others on editing photos within shared iCloud folders.
• Enjoy familiar macOS-native features, like drag and drop, to effortlessly import photos or entire folders.
• Thanks to APFS support, duplicating photos in the file browser does not consume extra storage.
• The all-new file browser is optimized for devices with Apple silicon, taking full advantage of its incredible performance.
• Photomator uses Metal to harness the full graphics processing power and Core ML to bring the best possible ML processing performance on every Mac.
• Quickly AirDrop photos, send them via iMessage or email, and share them with other apps directly from Photomator using the Share pop-up menu.
• Easily add photos or entire folders to Photomator by simply selecting Add to Photomator from the Share menu.

Revamped Sidecar Files
• A new way for saving sidecar files was built from the ground up specifically for the file browser, allowing a separate file with edits to be stored alongside the original photo.
• When editing photos in the Files browser, you can preserve all nondestructive edits without altering the original photos.
• If you prefer saving edits directly to the original file instead of creating a separate file with edits, you can also choose to modify the original file when working in the Files browser.
• Thanks to sidecar file size optimizations, your edits, including those of RAW photos, will use significantly less storage space when editing in both Files and Photos browsers.

New in Pixelmator Pro 3.3.2:

General Improvements
• Asset counts will now be displayed alongside albums in the sidebar in both the files and photos browsers.
• You can now use the G keyboard shortcut to go back to the browser from the editing view.
• The app would occasionally crash when opening the Info window. Fixed.
• Some images wouldn't open if you started opening an image, quickly switched to another before the original had loaded, then returned. Fixed.

Files Browser
• When opening images for editing from the browser, the preview image will be of a higher resolution.
• When deleting a RAW+JPEG asset, only the JPEG file was deleted. Now, both will be deleted.
• Certain RAW image formats would have mixed-up width and height values. Fixed.
• These same RAW formats would be opened with an incorrect preview image before loading correctly. Fixed.

Have any feedback about this update or Photomator in general? Let us know at!

Oceny i recenzje

4,5 z 5
Ocen: 32

Ocen: 32

slwstr ,

Much improved

Most of the complaints since my last review are obsolete now. We finally have proper integration here with Photos library. There is batch editing available. In general for its price it is terrific editor.

Thus 5 stars.

That saying they are still areas of improvement. It still uses Apple’s RAW engine and it shows sometimes. On Fujifilm cameras it sometimes creates greenish artifacts in highlight areas. Also - not so good in shadow and highlight recovery (though much better than Apple’s own Photos or most other editors using Apple RAW engine, in fact only Adobe is right now better at shadow recovery on iOS).

Finally: some local adjustments brush or something would be nice. Perhaps rising a price a little and adding such features would make sense?

Anisim101 ,

Performance not perfect

Your application is nearly perfect, but there is an issue with performance. On the iPhone 12, when adjusting parameters on the image (sliders, etc.), there are noticeable slowdowns, and the application tends to get quite hot. I use it on three different devices: iPhone 13 Pro Max (good performance, but significant heating), iPad Air 4 (also heats up significantly), and iPhone 12 (poor performance and heating). However, on my MacBook Pro 16 (M1 Pro), it runs perfectly. I'm willing to pay twice the price you offer if you can improve the heating and performance. I'm hoping that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will handle the app better. The performance in Lightroom on these devices is superior.

I will definitely change the rating to 5 if you listen. You create the perfect product, you need to improve it a little.

Odpowiedź dewelopera ,

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback. We'd love to see if we can work this out! If you haven't done so already, could you email us at with more info about the issue? Thanks in advance!

barnimbb ,

It’s okay but not great

In general, the application is intuitive, easy to use, has great possibilities. A big plus is the integration with iCloud. On the other hand, importing photos from an SD card is a pain in the…, especially if you want to choose only a few photos, you can see thumbnails only after clicking on the file, you could do it like in any other photo editor, i.e. previewing thumbnails of all photos on the SD card or camera. Cataloging photos, you can say that, does not exist, you can not easily add photos, for example, with the right click of the mouse to the appropriate album. Gets a terrible mess after importing the photos.

Odpowiedź dewelopera ,

Hi there! Thanks for your feedback and we're glad to hear you're enjoying Photomator. We understand that importing and organizing photos is a bit tricky at the moment, but we're working on this! Full macOS file system support is in our pipeline for future updates, which should greatly improve the process in Photomator on Mac.


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