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RoomPlan allows you to manage your BnB bookings.

With our app you can manage the reservations of a small or medium tourist structure ( B&B, guest houses, villas, hotels) by managing your booking rooms and customer reservations by using your phone.

You will have the planning of reservations on hand, anytime, anywhere, and leave your paper cumbersome manual.

Customize and manage your bookings planner with rooms number, name and type, the service, the source host, the commercial channel from which the reservation comes.

It's safe because your information can be in your device but also in our server; the backup function allows to retrieve the data in case the device is lost or broken.

Think of what alternative would you if your agenda or notebook is lost or damaged! How you may retrieve the result of months of records, so important for your villas, hotels, bed and breakfast?

It gives you the possibility to automatically send an email to the host, directly from the phone or tablet.

And it's social as you can share reservations data with any collaborators in two ways:

1) You can send a PDF file with the planning of the reservations who do not have the application.
2) If the application is installed on more devices (you buy only once) with the synchronization function, using the functions of Save Backup and Restore Backup.

You can use RoomPlan App alone or even with our property management software RoomPlanOnline, that allows you to manage your calendar using your PC. Will be enough a few clicks to access from your PC to the data that you've saved on the Tablet or Smartphone.

RoomPlan also has a very simple system to study your hotel performance. Enter only the period that interests you and get business statistics and ratios in a few seconds. It analyzes the management and improve your results.

Services and functions using our server (backup, synchronization, sending a PDF, sending the confirmation email to the customer) are free for a limited time. The costs of running the server oblige us to request a small fee.
For more info visit www.toolsplanning.net
The application is in four languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish.

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Wersja 3.6

Bug Fixed: Remove a bug on the list room


4.3 MB

Wymaga systemu iOS 8.0 lub nowszego. Zgodność z urządzeniami: iPhone, iPad oraz iPod touch.



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