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Silvair is a powerful tool for commissioning Bluetooth mesh lighting networks in commercial spaces. It streamlines and accelerates the commissioning process, while enabling flexible customization of all operational parameters.

Please note that the app can be used to commission only qualified Bluetooth mesh devices with paid activation fee.

With the Silvair app, you can:

• commission professional lighting installations using actual floor plans
• add devices to desired zones with a single tap
• easily deploy advanced control strategies: occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting
• share your project with other collaborators to speed up the commissioning process
• customize any settings to meet specific lighting needs or energy code requirements
• forget about typical networking processes since they are all carried out automatically
• perform functional tests of the commissioned system

The Silvair app is designed to work in tandem with a cloud-based web app that allows for performing initial commissioning activities before visiting the site. Projects created in the web app can be accessed and continued in the Silvair app.

For more information about Silvair and our commissioning process, visit http://silvair.com

Co nowego

Wersja 1.22

• All devices within a given area can be configured at once.
• The search panel in the diagnostics window helps to find a cell that contains the searched string.

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Ocen: 5


Silvair, Inc.
32.8 MB

Wymaga systemu iOS 12.0 lub nowszego. Zgodność z urządzeniami: iPhone, iPad oraz iPod touch.


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