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Snapshots that never leave your sight (until closed), complete with annotations, simple URL sharing or encrypted with self destruct - everything neatly organised in your library and synced across your devices.

“I use it all the time, especially when I am writing about something that is time sensitive or has a complex date” - Tuaw.com

- Snap -
Snap something on your screen so you can easily reference. The snap is always on top so you can focus on the content.

- Annotate -
Brush, text, shapes and more. Using annotations you can highlight what is important and take notes right on the snap.

- Share -
Send a URL of your snap to anyone via Snappy Link. You can even encrypt it with a password and set a self destruct timer.

- Organize & Sync -
The Snaps Library keeps track of your snaps on all your devices - as long as iCloud / Cloud Drive is enabled of course.

- Slack Ready -
Sending snapshots to Slack has never been easier. Simply connect your Slack account and you're ready to go.

- Share More -
Make sure to check all the other sharing options we have: Email, Facebook, Twitter, Imgur, Pinterest, Dropbox and Evernote.

Get Started:
Snappy runs in the background as a seamless status bar app. Create a new snap with CMD+Shift+2.

** "Snappy is a the most innovative screenshot app you'll find" - makeuseof.com
** "This is one of those apps you never new you needed until you use it." - users
** "SnappyApp: an original screenshot utility" - macgeneration.com
** "On the Mac App Store there are many apps that can capture screenshots of your screen, but nobody seems to do its job as SnappyApp." - slidetomac.com
** "This is great if you need to remember something or if you are trying to compare things" - pctechtalk.com
** "Among the many applications that are useful to take a picture of a portion of the screen, SnappyApp is distinguished by simplicity and original traits." - macitynet.it

Don't forget to get the Universal iOS App too at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/snappyapp/id927687689

Let's keep close at http://eepurl.com/JkZgH and please tell us what you think!

- Your Snappy Team

Co nowego

Wersja 2.0.1

* Fixed start on login always on
* Other bug fixes

Oceny i recenzje

michalwi ,

Its great

The best snapshot tool!

Good for communication, can copy and paste to slack and other tools

Good for prototyping, can overlap elements without border to try a new layout etc

Good for Front-End design, can set opacity and compare app with design

- Huge time saver

Unfortunately, after upgrading to mojave there is a minor issue with screenshots, they appear not in the place they was taken.

ralbastru ,

Świetna aplikacja / Awesome app


Używam aplikację od początku, to jest aplikacja, która nie pozwala skorzystać z czegoś innego (inne aplikacje). Ze względu na jakość, ze względu na design, ponieważ możesz wybrać skrót który chcesz, nie na ostatnim miejscu, ponieważ wszystkie zrzuty ekranu są na moim ekranie. Zrzuty nie znikają, jak w innych aplikacjach.

Na przykład używam go, gdy rozwiązuje problemy z moim kolegą z innego kontynentu. Jestem z Europy a on z Indii.

Używamy go w połączeniu z aplikacją zdalnego sterowania i edytorem tekstowym. Więc bez skype, FaceTime zrobiliśmy to.
Jest to sposób na używanie go jako Agile.

Dobra robota


I use it from the begining, it’a an app that does’nt alow you to use something else (other apps). Because of the quality, because of the design, because you can choose which shortcut you want and not on last place, because all the screens are on my screen. There are not disapearing as in other apps alike.

For example I use it when I am solving issues with my coleague from another continent. I am from Europe his from India.

We use it combined with remote control app and with an text editor. So without skype, FaceTime we did it.
This is a way to use it as Agile.

Great job


14.8 MB

OS X w wersji 10.11 lub nowszej, procesor 64-bitowy


Angielski, Francuski, Niemiecki, Rumuński

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