Some Peace Of Mind (Full‪)‬ 9+

Stefanos Kostaras

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- Q: Are these real photographs?
- A: Yes they are.
- Q: Is this a real room?
- A: Yes.
- Q: So, this is another escape room game, right?
- A: I’ll tell you later.
- Q: Do I need to know how to play chess?
- A: No.
- Q: I hate music puzzles. Are there any music puzzles?
- A: No. I hate them too.
- Q: Are the puzzles too hard?
- A: I believe they’re fair.
- Q: Are the puzzles too easy?
- A: I certainly hope not.
- Q: So, is there any story, or just puzzles?
- A: You bet there is!
- Q: Tell me about it.
- A: I don’t want to ruin too much. So let’s just say how it begins:

You wake up in the middle of the night and you find yourself in your room, but everything feels out of place. It seems like your brother locked your computer, messed with your stuff and left clues all around to help you decrypt the password. But why would he do that? And why does your room seems so weird?

- Q: Cool! Is this a long game?
- A: Longer than a Game of Thrones episode, but shorter than Fellowship of the Ring (the extended edition).
- Q: So, this is another escape room game, right?
- A: Yes and no. Yes in a way that it kind of is. No in a way that it’s a remastered version of the same-titled game released back in 2011 for PCs, before “escape rooms” were a thing. This version though is so much cooler. Let me tell you all about it..
- Q: No need to! Alright then, anything else you want to share?
- A: Sure. I hope you’ll enjoy playing Some Peace Of Mind, as much as I enjoyed making it!

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1 ocena

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