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Soocas App combined with Soocas sonic toothbrush is a set of tooth cleaning tools for people’s oral health ,which is developed by Soocare (Shenzhen)Technology Co., Ltd.
After brushing, the user can obtain the data in the toothbrush through the synchronization function in App and see the situation of each brushing.
Function introduction:
1)Home page
Score information: Users can synchronize data to see the last time’s brushing posture score,cleanliness score and brushing time score.
Enter in the brushing detail can see more information of brushing.

Brush head status: Users can observe the brush head cleaning condition to replace the brush head regularly, in order to maintain oral health.

Power information: Users can obtain the latest amount of electricity after each synchronized data to view.
2)Brushing Model
We customized four brushing models.Crescendo, polishing, soft and tongue model. Users can set their own way to brush teeth through APP.
Showing the past brushing information, more effective observation of oral health status. Soocas services will generate comparative reports, monthly reports and quarterly reports, more intuitive view of their own brushing information.
4)Achievement system
Through the brush data can activate a variety of interesting medals, improve the fun of brushing.

Co nowego

Wersja 1.1.4

1. Interface adaptation for the iPhone XR、iPhoneXS、iPhoneXS MAX
2. Fix bugs

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Ocen: 24

agnieszkar ,

Toothbrush is great but the app...

First two days was ok, and then... ‘network error’ and I can not change the settings and see no history :(

After reinstalling the app does‘ my work at all - I can’t login or sign in again: ‘Operation failed’.

What a pity:(

Kanabrocky ,

Problems with data synchronization

This app mostly every cleaning do not sync my data with toothbrush. Says that there is no new data available. Today I leaned my tooth twice and it sync only once.

Deteorek ,

Localization not working

No matter what country you choose there’s always message that your phone localization is different then your choice. Timeline in history shows wrong hours.


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Zdrowie i fitness

Wymaga systemu iOS 8.0 lub nowszego. Zgodność z urządzeniami: iPhone, iPad oraz iPod touch.


Angielski, Chiński uproszczony, Koreański, Rosyjski, Ukraiński

Wiek 12+ ze względu na:
Rzadkie/łagodne informacje o medycynie/leczeniu
Prawa autorskie
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