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Avengers Online Game is a classic combat MMO RPG strategy where you immerse yourself in battling game bots and real players.

It's interesting and vivid, a battle between heroes and monsters! During the early levels, your character gets access to a single game location and the Arena; the battles take place in the Dark Forest - with wolves, in the Cave - with werewolves, at the Camp - with orcs.

The game location's type is determined by the current tasks system. Your character has three combat indicators: strength, health and armour which get upgraded in Training -- primarily for silver and sometimes for gold. You don’t have to buy gold. You can accumulate it while fighting monsters, advancing to a new level, and playing the game every day. You can win items during combat.

Massive player battles take place in the Coliseum. For several hours, your character can be sent on a Raid in the corresponding section.

The game has limits for fighting time and number of battles, but when the time temporarily expires, you can go and collect gear. To do this, you go to the warehouse to upgrade your items. All the unnecessary items in your bag can be exchanged, which allows you to improve your existing armour.

Meeting werewolves and orcs provides additional opportunities and trophies in the form of their heads. Trophies add experience and increase both the gaming parameters and the number of coins in your wallet.

A special feature of the game is the ability to chat with other players in real time and you can greatly enjoy these discussions. The game requires access to the Internet; therefore, you can enter the online game wherever there is Internet connection.

This fascinating world is open to everyone, and if you want to leave your name in the history of online games, start playing with us now! Avengers - an epic game! Defeat them all!

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Wersja 1.6.8

Optimization for ios 13

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4,2 z 5
Ocen: 17

Ocen: 17

mniejniz ,


Niestety jest to gra z rodzaju pay to win, ale nie są to specjalnie wygurowane ceny. Ogólnie gra ciekawa, ale może by tak więcdj lokacji?

Westers1866 ,

Takie gry były fajne na windowsie 95

:) ,

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Jest ok, tylko troszke ślimaczy.

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