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Help Albert Einstein create his famous Theory Of Relativity!

E=mc2 - we all know the formula, but do we know the man behind it?

Learn the incredible story of Albert Einstein on his road to a breakthrough discovery - follow his footsteps since childhood and discover his life's tale through beautiful, hand drawn, animated comics. An adventure like no other!

The Great Mind Of Einstein is an insanely addictive puzzle game, which will put your mind to work like never before. For every puzzle solved, you'll earn coins to buy more books, expand your library and level up your character. The higher your level, the better your skills and the more story of Albert Einstein's adventures is revealed!

- Addictive and brain-sweating gameplay - feel the struggle of the great scientist as he moves closer to creating his life's work
- Use powerful, game-changing boosts - stuck on a puzzle? Just use an Eraser to free up one of the spaces or Whirlwind to stir things up a bit.
- Improve your skills, beat the high score - every playthrough is a battle against yourself, so you can earn more and more points.
- Level up and upgrade your skills - buy books, so the hero can earn experience and improve his knowledge.
- Hand-drawn comics, illustrating the incredible life story of Albert Einstein - as you level up you'll uncover new episodes of both his career and personal life.

Accompany one of the greatest minds in history of humankind and try not to bend yours too much!

Co nowego

Wersja 1.4.1

- Micropayments - getting the premium version allows you to gain more points and removes all ads!
- Cut-scenes have been improved

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5.0 z 5
1 ocena

1 ocena

kaletluk ,

Waiting for new comics!

Great idea for a game - education and fun :) gl guys!


115.3 MB

Wymaga systemu iOS 7.1.2 lub nowszego. Zgodność z urządzeniami: iPhone, iPad oraz iPod touch.



Wiek 4+
Prawa autorskie
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