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Trickster - Quickly access relevant recent files, folders, and apps

What are others saying about Trickster?
- "Incredibly useful, nicely designed. The simple 'Help' is perfect" - Smile Software
- "A handy tool for tracking and working with documents, folders, and other data." - Macworld (4 mice)
- "Trickster is easy to figure out, fast, and looks nice." - $2-tuesday
- "Where Trickster does the trick for me is with its keyboard navigation." - Macstories
- "I’m always on the lookout for productivity boosters, and Trickster has me in love." - TheNextWeb

If you work with files, Trickster is the ultimate productivity booster for you.

Quickly access to your recently used documents, folders, and applications.
All your important stuff is now just a couple of clicks away, accessible from your menu bar.

Did you just open a document in Pages? It’s in Trickster.
Did you just download a file? Don’t bother searching your downloads folder. Trickster has it one click away.
Did Dropbox sync files from another computer? It's in Trickster.
Everything you were supposed to be working on is a click away, ready when you are.

Some of the things Trickster can do:
- Drag and drop files from Trickster to Finder or any other application like you'd do from Finder.
- Open files and applications from Trickster, preview them or reveal in Finder.
- Includes ​Preset filters to only display images, audio files, videos, documents, applications, folders and specific locations.
- Create your custom filters based on location, file types, Finder tags or string matching.
- Track only relevant files and ignore all the rest.
- Favorites "sticky" bar gives you fast access to your most frequently used files, folders, and applications. Drop files on a 'favorite' folder to move it there or drop on a 'favorite' application to open it with that particular app.

Trickster is 100% keyboard-friendly. For ultimate productivity and speed, you can use it entirely without a ​mouse or combine mouse with keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys.

Co nowego

Wersja 3.4

* NEW: Integration with the application Hook
If you have Hook installed and running, Trickster will show an additional button on the right edge of the row for files that already have Hook links. This helps with knowing when to invoke and not invoke Hook - there’s no need to remember or guess if a file or a folder on your Mac has hooks. If there are, the button will appear to indicate that. Clicking on that button will invoke Hook on the corresponding file, saving you a trip to the keyboard to hit Hook’s hotkey.

* NEW: Added a Preference, which selects showing Trickster’s window at current mouse location, if the window is not attached to the menubar icon and Trickster is invoked using the keyboard. It can be very handy for even faster access to files in Trickster. Trickster will position the window such that the mouse is over the topmost visible item, allowing for immediate dragging of it out of Trickster (for example, to drop into an email)

* IMPROVED: Made it so that context popup menu, called from the keyboard, shows Services menu. As a consequence, the menu opens not at the gear button but at the current mouse location

* FIXED: Hiding Trickster’s window when dragging files out to the left of it

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