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One app. Everything Volvo.

The Volvo On Call app is now the Volvo Cars app. Discover the services that enable a convenient and enjoyable Volvo experience.

Too hot. Too cold. Just right.
Adjust the climate system remotely and pre-cool or pre-heat the cabin.

Helps you recharge.
Track charge levels and electricity consumption on your Volvo full electric or plug-in hybrid.

Always at your service.
Schedule your next service appointment using the app.

Information. Manuals. Support.
Your one-stop resource for the information, manuals and support that let you get more from your Volvo.

An app that opens doors.
Use your phone to remotely lock and unlock your Volvo and enjoy increased security.

Personal support
Talk to one of our Volvo specialists. We are available to answer your questions and help you get the most from your Volvo

Explore your Volvo
Access information, manuals and other material to find answers to your questions and optimise your Volvo experience.

Compatibility and availability of features and services differs between markets and models, so may not be available in your location or for your car. Contact us for more details,

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Wersja 5.31.0

This version contains bug fixes and stability improvements.
Thank you for using Volvo Cars App!
If you encounter any issues please contact us at

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4,5 z 5
Ocen: 2,7 tys.

Ocen: 2,7 tys.

f055 ,

Great app about to be ruined

The proposed new interface is a huge step back. Originally, you had the 5 key features all on the first screen readable at a single glance, plus the minimap on top. The proposed interface change gives you nothing readable on the first glance and a huge picture of a car that is not even yours. Sad.

gwidon_m ,

Previous “look” was more functionality

Why does the new version not have access to the trip log (route, distance, time, fuel consumption etc)? In the previous one, it was immediately visible on the main screen, and in the new one, it probably does not exist at all or is so difficult to find that I did not find it. It is also not possible to restore the old look as before. I tested the new look few times and I always back to old one because no access to trip log but now it’s impossible. Apparently the new look is Ok but the limitation of the application functionality is incomprehensible. If you do not want to lose these possibilities, do not switch to the new look.

Michael DK ,

Missing core feature, system laggy and missing features

Why aren’t we able to see the location of the car when it’s driving from the app? What security reasons? Last year you didn’t add any new feature. Application should evolve look at the competitors! The navigation/ entertainment system is new but already old, it’s laggy and even swiping the screen in Volvo follows a noticeable lag. Honestly Volvo you should do better! Fix bugs, add features. Also why the timer heating isn’t available in the new layout app for Xc60 year 2018???

Odpowiedź dewelopera ,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Your comments will be forwarded to the concerned department. If you would like us to look further into the issues you are experiencing with the timers, please contact us directly via the app.

Prywatność w aplikacji

Deweloper (Volvo Car Corporation) wskazał, że zasady ochrony prywatności w aplikacji mogą obejmować opisane poniżej metody przetwarzania danych. Aby dowiedzieć się więcej, zapoznaj się z zasadami ochrony prywatności dewelopera.

Dane, które są z Tobą powiązane

Poniższe dane mogą być gromadzone i zostać powiązane z Twoimi kontami, urządzeniami lub tożsamością:

  • Położenie
  • Identyfika­tory

Dane, które nie są z Tobą powiązane

Poniższe dane mogą być gromadzone, ale nie są powiązane z Twoimi kontami, urządzeniami lub tożsamością:

  • Kontakty
  • Dane użytkownika
  • Dane użycia
  • Diagnostyka

Zasady ochrony prywatności mogą się różnić, np. w zależności od używanych funkcji lub Twojego wieku. Więcej informacji


  • Portfel

    Przechowuj wszystkie swoje karnety, bilety i karty w jednym miejscu.

  • Siri

    Wykonuj wszystkie zadania w tej aplikacji, używając jedynie poleceń głosowych.

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