Unravel the mysteries of Earth

Essential apps for geologists.

We may not notice it, but our planet is in constant motion, generating changes in the form of earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides and other natural phenomena. Whether you’re a geologist or simply passionate about the origin and evolution of Earth, these apps will help you understand what happens under our soil.

Explore the terrain

One of the best ways to investigate the world around you is to get out into nature. Grab your hiking boots and Gaia GPS, which features detailed topographic maps that are perfect for guiding your studies. You can also use it to record your routes, add points of interest and take geolocated photos, so you can keep track of your research. And if you become a member, you’ll be able to download all maps for offline use.

Find all the info you need for your next hike.

Measure accurately

One of the handiest things about navigation app Theodolite is that you can leave your physical theodolite at home and measure vertical and horizontal angles precisely from your device. With this handy companion to your adventures in the great outdoors, you’ll know the height and coordinates of the terrain you’re exploring, be able to measure the azimuth angle between two points or view maps with augmented reality. If you’re working as a team in different locations, use the app to exchange your positions in real time.

Explore the great outdoors with this multi-function viewfinder.

Be prepared for earthquakes

Although it’s impossible to predict the exact moment when an earthquake will occur, it’s possible to know where it may occur. Use Earthquake to stay informed about seismic movements and filter according to location or magnitude. There’s also an earthquake catalogue that lists events that have taken place over recent years, providing you with valuable information that will help you in your predictions and to be better prepared if you live in an earthquake region.

Stay informed about seismic movements.

Draw what you see

Taking pictures is an essential part of a geologist’s job, but drawing is also useful as it lets you place a greater emphasis on the elements that interest you most. Adobe Fresco has everything you need to draw and immortalise unforgettable landscapes intuitively and efficiently; because drawing requires more observation time, you may end up discovering new details that you would otherwise have overlooked.

Discover just how versatile this app can be.

Save your notes

Carrying a notebook with you while you’re exploring nature is great – until those few drops of sweat, a puddle you haven’t seen or a pretty bird mistaking it for a tasty snack ruins hours of work. To avoid possible upset, download CamScanner, then scan your notes or any other documents and save to the cloud or share via email.

Take your notes, then scan and save them for safekeeping.