Replay your ‘90s gaming favourites

From Sonic to Streets of Rage, it’s time to bring back the classics.

Wazzzuuuup! From Britpop to girl power, Forrest Gump to Buffy, the ‘90s were filled with many of the greatest things the world has ever seen. And that’s no truer than with games.

For many of us, the ‘90s were our first foray into the realms of digital gaming and still hold many of our fondest memories. Don’t live in the past though. Bringing that nostalgia to the here and now, it’s time to once again enjoy those ‘90s favourites – this time on your iPhone and iPad. Could we be any more excited?

Sonic the Hedgehog

It was back in 1991 that everyone’s favourite hedgehog was first introduced to the world. Sonic was an instant platform-conquering hit and with Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic you can relive this iconic game in exact detail. Heck, just that iconic theme tune will take you back to your childhood.

Just like back in the day, you’ve got to help this speedy blue hedgehog run, jump and roll his way though levels fraught with danger. You’ll collect coins, dodge death and run so fast that the world around you starts to warp. And when you reach the end of a level, it’s time to show the evil Dr. Eggman – one of the best gaming villains – who’s boss.

    Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic

    SEGA's Platform Hit Returns


Streets of Rage 2

Side-scrolling beat-em-up Streets of Rage was a ‘90s classic. Another classic of this iconic decade? The sequel. Be it movies, books or games, the sequel was a ‘90s staple, which is exactly why Streets of Rage 2 Classic is a nostalgia-packed must-play.

The street-based brawler with plenty of boss levels packs all the fist-throwing, kick-administering goodness you remember. With the same iconic characters as the original – plus a couple of new additions – Streets of Rage 2 threw in new moves and new settings alongside the same bad guy-beating action. In this lawless world, you are the law and you take no prisoners.

    Streets of Rage 2 Classic

    SEGA’s Classic Beat Em Up


Final Fantasy VII

More than a game. Final Fantasy VII was a moment. If, like us, you sunk dozens – if not hundreds – of hours into this instantly iconic RPG the first time around then you might want to make some space in your diary for a second play.

Final Fantasy VII is filled with all of the same 3D battles and CG cutscenes as the console-based original. Pair this with a fleet of instantly recognisable characters and gripping narrative that’s as engaging today as it was a couple of decades ago and you’ve got not just a favourite from the annals of time, but your next great gaming fix.




Grim Fandango

Playing a travel agent doesn’t sound the most exciting premise for a game, but it’s the foundation on which Grim Fandango has built more than two decades of fans and counting. Here you play Manny Calavera. Not your typical travel agent, he works in the Department of Death and is at the centre of an unfurling conspiracy.

Dark humour meets engaging gaming with Grim Fandango.

Tap the screen to move Manny around and he’ll interact with a world of mysterious objects as an engaging story and cast of darkly funny characters is revealed. Game-based story telling at its finest, if Sonic pushed games forward at the start of the ‘90s, Grim Fandango was doing the same at the end of the decade.

    Grim Fandango Remastered