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This is a common App shell with 21 Medical Visual Dictionaries. One of its kind, the terms are explained through animated videos for easy understanding and retention of definitions. Each of the Dictionary can be purchased separately.

1. ANIMATED MEDICAL DICTIONARY – covers 650-plus medical terms
2.ALLERGY - Animated Pocket Dictionary – covers 80-plus related terms
3.CHOLESTEROL - Animated Pocket Dictionary - covers 87-plus related terms
4.DERMATOLOGY - Animated Pocket Dictionary – covers 70-plus related terms
5.DIABETES - Animated Pocket Dictionary – covers 70-plus related terms
6.ENDOCRINOLOGY - Animated Pocket Dictionary - covers 97-plus related terms
7.GASTROENTEROLOGY - Animated Pocket Dictionary - covers 98-plus related terms
8.HEMATOLOGY - Animated Pocket Dictionary - covers 99-plus related terms
9.HEPATOLOGY - Animated Pocket Dictionary - covers 90-plus related terms
10.HIV & AIDS - Animated Pocket Dictionary - covers 100-plus related terms
11.HYPERTENSION - Animated Pocket Dictionary - covers 90-plus related terms
12.INFECTIOUS DISEASES - Animated Pocket Dictionary- covers 100-plus related terms
13.MICROBIOLOGY- Animated Pocket Dictionary – covers 190-plus related terms
14.NEPHROLOGY - Animated Pocket Dictionary - covers 90-plus related terms
15.NEUROLOGY & PSYCHIATRY - Animated Pocket Dictionary - covers 80-plus related terms
16.ONCOLOGY - Animated Pocket Dictionary- covers 80-plus related terms
17.OPHTHALMOLOGY - ANIMATED CONCISE DICTIONARY – covers 350-plus Ophthalmology related terms
18.ORTHOPEDICS - Animated Pocket Dictionary - covers 92-plus related terms
19.PEDIATRICS- Animated Pocket Dictionary – covers 120-plus related terms
20.RESPIRATORY DISEASES - Animated Pocket Dictionary - covers 89-plus related terms
21.UROLOGY - Animated Pocket Dictionary - covers 95-plus related terms

The Focus Animated Medical Dictionaries are the world’s first ever comprehensive animated dictionaries in any discipline.
Dictionaries that provide definitions of medical terms using lifelike 3D animations apart from text is a long felt need in the medical sciences and these Animated Dictionaries fulfill that need quite effectively.

• Focus Animated Dictionaries cover a range of medical terms in each subject category, making them a complete reference source.
• These dictionaries are user friendly, and terms arranged alphabetically makes search quite easy. Being unique visual dictionaries, they are excellent reference sources for students of medicine
• A ready reckoner for physicians and students who would greatly benefit from this module.

*****Best app for a bio student I am preparing fir mefical entrance exam and I come across a no. of new terms .....this is one such app ehich has gotta all of those........ IT SAVES MY TIME THANKS TO THE CREATERS
*****Excellent Its an awesome dictionary for a medical student
*****Brilliant! Absolutely amazing! I would recommend every medical geek to go for this app! :D
*****Buy full version and content is excellent
*****Good idea This could be the perfect visual dictionary, Useful for a overview of the subject. Nice videos!


Versão 1.9

UI improvements and fixes


Focus Medica India Private Limited
105.1 MB

Requer o iOS 9.0 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.



Uso frequente/intenso de referência a álcool, tabaco ou drogas
Uso pouco frequente/moderado de informaçāo Médica/Tratamento
Compras integradas
  1. Animated Medical and Health Dictionary 8,99 €
  2. Animated Concise Dictionary of Ophthalmology Full Version 9,99 €
  3. Animated Pocket Dictionary - Pediatrics FullVersion 5,49 €


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