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Wow! That one looks easier than it actually is! Bean Bag offers you a real challenge although the rules are plain simple:

Your goal is to have the same number of beans on all fields. The only catch: if you place a bean on a field, one bean is removed from all neighboring fields. And if you take a bean away from a field, a bean is placed on all neighboring fields. That's all there is - well, and that you can't take a bean from an empty field.

Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, that's not it - try it and don't despair!

If you complete a level in a certain number of moves, you will receive up to three stars. If you get all three stars on the first try of a level you will get a diamond - but only on the first try, so concentrate!

If you are stuck, you can also use three different extras:
- Undo: Undoes the last move without counting as a move
- Hint: It brings you one step closer to your goal
- Extra Move: Use this extra if you are missing a move for a star or diamond

There are 100 levels to start with - can you do all of them? Have fun playing and thinking!


Versão 1.2

* Support for iOS 12
* Updated artwork
* Performance improvement
* More levels
* Redesigned levels


Kai Skolik
49.4 MB

Requer o iOS 12.0 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


Alemão, Inglês

Compras integradas
  1. Small pack of hints 1,09 €
  2. Medium pack of hints 2,29 €
  3. Remove Ads 1,09 €


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