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Breathing flow is a personal breathing coach in your pocket. Learn breathing techniques to promote mindfulness, manage stress, sharpen your focus and find peace — wherever and whenever you need it.

The key to a positive state of mind
Breathing flow is designed to balance your breathing patterns using simple touch sequences. It is is based on techniques that have been used in yoga and meditation for centuries. Rhythmic breathing brings practitioners into a flow state, boosting concentration, energy levels and performance.

Guided by touch
Simple touch sequences create an immersive experience, enhancing your ability to be fully present and leave stress and anxiety behind.

Better health in a few minutes a day
breathing flow is an app designed to balance your breathing patterns using simple touch sequences.

Is there science behind it?
Absolutely. Multiple peer-reviewed studies show that regulating breathing patterns can help practitioners overcome anxiety, combat stress and enhance performance. Smooth, rhythmic breathing activates the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system, promoting a sense of well-being and calm — the positive mental state necessary for peak concentration and creativity.

What makes it special?
breathing flow works differently than other relaxation apps. The simple touch interface was designed by game industry veterans to engage multiple senses. By allowing you to touch, listen and see the breathing sequences, the experience becomes an immersive game, not a chore.

How does it work?
Begin by touching the screen with your inhale. Through audio and visual cues, breathing flow times the length of your inhale, and instructs you when to release your finger from the screen and exhale. After following the cycle for a few minutes, the app invites you to continue with your eyes closed, guiding you solely through audio cues. Through these exercises, you’ll learn to bring your attention back to your inner self. To break away from stressful thought patterns. To achieve a positive state of mind.


Arnaldo Rodriguez
203 MB

Requer o iOS 8.0 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.



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