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The Collabo app is the #1 Platform for fans to create, share, and vote on their dream music collaborations. Ever wished two of your favorite artists would come together and create an epic single or even an album? Well so have we. This has most likely crossed the minds of music lovers around the globe at some point. This is the inspiration behind The Collabo App. Now users can create their dream collabo from an ever-expanding database of almost 300,000 talented artists  worldwide! Pick any artist from any genre.

Create:  There is no wrong way  to create your dream collabs, especially when choosing your match ups from an ever-growing database that contains your favorite artist from around  the globe. You have the ability to mix and match different styles, musical categories, and artist from different eras, so now is your chance to truly Create The Genre.  

Share: Sharing your collab combinations with friends will no doubt lead to discussions about all things music. Share and comment on your collabs as well as ones created by other users.

Vote: Our voting system allows our users to react to user created collabs by up-voting ("Make it Happen!") the collabs you like and down-voting ("Don't Do It!") on the ones you think aren't so hot. Your vote counts! Vote on the collabs you love and watch them climb the ranks.

What’s inside:

•Collabo creation page
•The Collabo app top 100 wall
• User Profiles with ability to upload photos 
•"On The Mic" page for user topics/discussion 
•Messaging system to stay connected with friends

Let's Create The Genre together!

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Versão 1.2

Fixed couple of bugs

Privacidade da app

O programador, App Goose Media LLC, indicou que as práticas de privacidade da app podem incluir o tratamento de dados conforme descrito abaixo. Encontrará mais informação na política de privacidade do programador.

Dados associados a si

Os seguintes dados podem ser recolhidos e associados à sua identidade:

  • Informações de contacto
  • Conteúdo do utilizador
  • Identificado­res

Dados não associados a si

Os seguintes dados podem ser recolhidos, mas não são associados à sua identidade:

  • Conteúdo do utilizador
  • Diagnósticos
  • Outros dados

As práticas de privacidade podem variar, por exemplo, consoante as funcionalidades utilizadas ou a idade do utilizador. Saiba mais


  • Partilha com a família

    Ao ativar a Partilha com a família, a app pode ser utilizada por 6 membros da família.

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