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Dream Football is a game changer where getting scouted by clubs depends mostly on your talent and your actions. You decide when to show your talent, how and how many times.
You just need a mobile phone with video recording and an internet connection. With that in your hands, all you have to do is continuously record and upload your football videos to Dream Football, share them everywhere and get views until you earn your chance to get evaluated by Dream Football’s professionals.
Register – Create your profile
Creating a full profile is extremely important. Each club searches for different and very specific characteristics in a player. Even your ancestors’ nationality may be important when it comes to scout a player. Fill in and update regularly all the details on your profile to achieve better results.
Record-Edit-Upload your football videos.
The Dream Football App provides you a unique technological tool that allows you to instantly record-edit-upload-share your videos from a mobile phone with a camera and internet access. With this App, with just one touch, you can store only the good parts of a player’s performance during a match. At the end of each match you can gather all the highlights into one final video. With another simple action, you can upload your video to Dream Football and start getting noticed.
Get noticed - Share Share Share
On a weekly basis, Dream Football’s professional team analyses the top 10 most viewed videos worldwide.
The “Most Viewed Videos” list is cumulative, meaning that your video’s views keep adding up continuously until you reach the “top 10” position, so don’t worry if you don’t make it in one week, because all the views you got keep adding up with all the ones that are to come.
This mean you must GET NOTICED to earn has many views to your videos as possible. The trick is very simple…SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!
The Dream Football App enables you to immediately share your videos on all your social networks after you upload them to Dream Football. The more you share, the more views you get and the faster you reach Dream Football professional team’s analysis.
Get a Professional Evaluation
Every week, the top 10 videos on the “Most Viewed Videos” list get evaluated* by Dream Football’s professional team. The evaluation reports are published online on each player’s profile for all the scouts to view them and they are also highlighted in the platform for a week as part of the week’s “Professional Ranking”. All the videos analysed by Dream Football’s professional team following this process are immediately removed from the “Most Viewed Videos” list.
All the videos where the quality demonstrated is not good enough for club scouting, will be substituted for evaluation by the next videos in the “Most Viewed Videos” list.
Win Luís Figo’s approval
Getting rated by Luís Figo himself already proves you are one of the best. On a weekly basis, Luís Figo performs a “second opinion evaluation” on the top 3 videos from the “Professional Ranking”. Luís Figo’s evaluations are also published online on each player’s profile for all the scouts to view them and they are also highlighted in the platform for a week as part of the week’s “Figo’s Ranking”. Get Scouted by Clubs are permanently scouting from Dream Football. Some at an early stage, checking out all the videos as they get uploaded to the platform, while others wait for Dream Football’s filtering through its professional evaluations. Clubs have an option to follow players that capture their attention. If a club is following a player on Dream Football, the club will get notifications for every action from that player in the platform, so remember to continuously upload new videos and update your player info. Also regularly, some of the world’s top clubs, partner with Dream Football and launch a specific scouting campaign for a limited period of time where they offer trial for players with specific characteristics.
Start Now, Dreams Come True!


Versão 1.3.3

Thanks for using DreamFootball! We regularly update our app to fix some minor issues and improve your user experience.

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5.0 de 5
3 classificações

3 classificações

buuadolfo ,


Fantastic way of recording!

Fininter ,

Does not work

The idea is good but I tryed twice and it does not work !

Renato van Veggel ,

Great App

This app is great for finding talents! It's great that kids all over the world are going to get the chance to get their names and skills out there!


Football Dream Factory Lda.
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Requer o iOS 10.2 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


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