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#1 travel community for gays, lesbians and friends

We at have been running a platform to offer private accommodation from gay or gay-friendly hosts - in 560 cities and 72 countries worldwide by now.

Our goals:
We have created to meet a demand: for safe travel in a family-like environment. It is important to us that gays and lesbians can be themselves on their travels – and stay with hosts from within the gay community. Despite several positive developments in the past 20 years, there are still many places in the world where gays and lesbians face discrimination. Everyone should feel safe and welcome anywhere in the world - just the way they are. This is what we fight for and this is what we stand for.

Our service:
We provide you with accommodation that makes you feel like home: guest rooms at peoples homes or flat shares as well as complete apartments with one or more rooms. Staying with hosts that know their local environment is probably the most beautiful way to travel. In contrast to package holidays, our way of accommodation gives you access to first-hand information on sights and the local LGBT community, company for Pride parades and LGBT parties, fruitful discussions with your hosts and a chance to meet interesting people. was - and still is - the number one website in the gay community to offer secure, private accommodation. For LGBTs - and their friends. Friendly, private and personal.

Our most popular destinations:
There are destinations that make the hearts of gay people beat faster. We would like to support and accompany you on trips to these places. Among them are big European cities like, of course:

Our qualities:
We value your feedback as it helps us to constantly develop and improve Analysis of past events and quality management are essential to tailor our offer exactly to the needs of the LGBT community. Both our gay and lesbian guests and the local hosts expect reliable and good support from
We have implemented an evaluation system to monitor and cotrol that our quality requirements are met.
As guests you can use this system to rate the accommodation and/or the hosts. The feedback of which aspects impressed you during your stay and what ideas you have for improvement is transmitted to the hosts as to Feedback to the hosts is displayed to the accommodation and thus available for other LGBT guests that might want to stay there.

Feedback on, wishes or suggestions can be submitted to We are looking forward to your messages.


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