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FastScore offers football and soccer live scores and real-time results of your favorite teams and matches with push notifications. In addition, the application offers very detailed information on more than 2.000 men's and women's football competitions, more than 50.000 teams, more than 800.000 players and more than 3.500.000 matches. Our company, as our slogan describes it, is made by fans and made for fans. We know everything a football fan needs. Features you can find in FastScore include:

Live scores:

You can find live scores both in the main section of the application, as well as in the section dedicated to the live matches that are being played at that moment. If you are browsing within a competition and there is a live match, you will be able to see it immediately. Similarly, if you are reviewing the detailed information of a player and that player is on a football field at that moment, the application will show it to you right away. You can find live scores throughout FastScore.

More than 2000 competitions:

Through the Competitions section you can easily find the tournament you are looking for. It is only necessary to select the country and then choose the tournament. Impossible to get lost!

Favorite teams and matches:

When a match is shown up on the screen or when you enter a team's profile, you can easily mark them as favorites. The real-time push notification of that and all the matches of the selected team will automatically be enabled. In the lower navigation bar you can manage your favorite matches and teams in an intuitive and organized way. Once you select a team as a favorite, it is not necessary to select each of its matches as you will be automatically subscribed to all of its matches. What are you waiting for? Come in and select your favorite teams!


Is your favorite team playing? Enter to the match profile and you will have access to:
- The timeline of live events, information about the referees and details about the match.
- Team line-ups and coaches.
- Live minute-by-minute commentary of the most important events.
- Comparison of form states of the teams through the H2H analysis.
- Quick access to the tournament standings table.


Enter the seasons section to see a complete detail of:
- Live scores.
- Past results.
- Next matches.
- Standings: general, home and away.
- Top scorers table.

Through the archive button, located in the upper navigation bar, you can choose the season you want to see, the year does not matter.


When the name of a player, coach or referee appears, in any section of the application, tap on him or her and you will be able to find:
- Matches played, coached or refereed, even if something is live in that moment.
- An extensive history about the career grouped by seasons with details on goals, presences, cards and more.
- All trophies won and runners-up throughout the career.


Tap on a team and you will get information about:
- Live scores.
- Past results.
- Next matches.
- Match schedule.
- Players with shirt numbers, photo, position and age.
- All trophies won and runners-up throughout its history.

Historical matches:

We already mentioned about selecting an old season. In addition, from the main section of the application you can display the calendar and choose a date from January 1, 1900 to December 31, 2025 and see the matches played or that will be played during that day.

Dark mode:

If you have manually selected night mode or automatic night mode on your device, our application will change to night mode according to the settings selected on your iPhone.

Push notifications:

Last but not least, you will receive all matches status and goals notifications in real time. Just don't forget to give the application permissions for notifications and select your favorites teams or games.

Download FastScore now and don't miss a single goal!


Versão 2.0.0

Bug fixes and UI changes. Now it is possible to select favorite competitions and players to receive notifications in real time, in addition to the matches and teams already available in the previous version.

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