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Flashonary is a Chinese flashcard dictionary designed for learners of the Mandarin Chinese language.
It is the fastest way to increase your Chinese vocabulary.

Use Flashonary to look up words, create flashcards and study vocabulary.

Teachers can also use Flashonary to prepare vocabulary handouts and class materials.



Look up words in the dictionary and save them as flashcards.
- Lookup based on simplified or traditional Chinese
- Edit any detail of any word. Add notes, examples, pictures, measure words, definitions, or references to other words such as synonyms, antonyms, abbreviations, erhua variants etc.
- Completely offline (no internet connection required).
- Chinese-English and Chinese-German dictionaries available in both simplified and traditional Chinese.


Learn words quickly, concentrating on those you don't know, while retaining those you do.
- Specialised algorithms that track which words you know or don't know well and prioritise the words you need to focus on. Don't waste time thinking about which words you need to study.
- Organise your flashcards with folders.
- See your progress.
- Import and Export Flashcards
- Store your study notes and other materials in your flashcard sets.

More (premium add ons)

Increase your efficiency and effectiveness with add ons.
- Tone Colors. Chinese characters can be colored according to their tone. Great for visual learners.
- Audio Pronunciations. Accurate audio pronunciations for all words in the dictionary and on the flashcards.
- PDF & Printing. Generate nicely formated word lists, traditional paper flashcards or handouts from your flashcards.
- Flashcard sets. Download flashcard sets. For those that don't want to create their own sets.


Versão 2.8.4

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

This is a maintenance release. It fixes common bugs.

- fixed default folder not being reset when selecting folder for word.
- fixed unexpected exit when saving see also or measure word under some circumstances.
- added some data cleanup code to handle corrupt data in study and viewing flashcard list when there are orphan wordlist entries.
- fixed parsing of shangou (山沟)spaceless pinyin
- fixed searching for 'ng' not returning results

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