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Take back control of your personal data with the protection of Guardian Firewall and VPN.

We believe people should be able to use apps on their digital devices without their data being sold to unknown third parties. Data that you’re not always aware that you’re sharing, such as confidential information, travel patterns, and lifestyle.

Guardian Firewall blocks unauthorized third parties from secretly collecting your personal information while adding an extra layer of security from hackers and insecure websites with our powerful VPN, protecting passwords, search history, and other sensitive data.

Our Guardian Pro subscription service is the protection of Guardian with the following additional features:

• Customized Blocklists: Add individual hosts or IP addresses to be effectively blocked, as well as try our experimental Guardian-curated firewall rules, for a privacy experience tuned to your needs

• Push Notifications: Instant notifications when your device attempts to connect to an unwanted connection to further assist in identifying a culprit app or website. Easily filter notifications by type of Alert

• Generate & Export Credentials: Create additional sets of VPN credentials to secure your other devices capable of establishing IKEv2 or WireGuard connections (includes ability to export preset .mobileconfig or .conf files for IKEv2 or WireGuard respectively)

• Family Sharing of subscriptions is now available to Pro users. Share your subscription to 5 additional family members (5 different Apple IDs) with no additional cost.

Guardian Day Passes are available for $0.99 each in 24 hour increments. Purchase as many Day Passes as you’d like, choose to activate some right away, or share a few with friends and family.

Guardian subscription service is available for $9.99 per month, or $99.99 per year
Guardian Pro subscription service is available for $149.99 per year.


• Firewall: Block unwanted connections to location trackers, mail trackers, generic data trackers, and other online nuisances.

• VPN: All internet activity is sent through a persistent, fast, and secure, IKEv2 or WireGuard based tunnel, keeping internet service providers, hackers, and other unwanted entities from accessing your personal data.

• Privacy: Your VPN connection is authenticated with an automatically generated random identity, enabling access only by using the digital In-App Purchase receipt stored on your mobile device after purchase. (No personal information needed)

• Best In-Class IKEv2 Encryption: Data sent through the VPN tunnel using IKEv2/IPsec is encrypted using AES-256 to protect against interception by unauthorized parties.

• Support For Modern Standards: WireGuard connections are available on every server allowing you to freely choose which transport protocol to use without any compromises.

• Mask your IP: Your IP address and other device identifiers will be masked from third-parties in order to help protect your identity.

• Region Selection: Control your connection by selecting regions such as the United States, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore and many more, that cover our global network of servers.

• Safe Browsing: Aggressive ads and web page hijackers are blocked by the Firewall, giving you an uninterrupted web browsing experience in any browser, without the need for browser extensions with direct access to your web browser.

• Alerts and Alert Filtering: Swipe up on the Alert menu to view all blocked, unwanted connections. Easily filter by type, or tap an Alert for more detailed information.

• Fast Connection: No impact on speed or performance.

• Support up to five iOS devices using the same AppleID

• Contact Technical Support available in-app for any questions or issues

Privacy Policy & Terms of Service:

Please contact with any questions, concerns, or reports of potential security issues.


Versão 2.4.4

This update includes a few small items to prepare for new feature releases expected in upcoming updates.

FIXED: Blocklist switch at the very top of the interface now properly toggles your chosen blocklist items to ON, instead of enabling all items in all groups

ADDED: Once the blocklist feature is enabled, the total items blocked is shown as well as a per group count

FIXED: The home screen & lock screen widgets that seemingly had issues with iOS 17 are now fixed and working as expected

FIXED: The server region selection list would not properly show the checkmark indicator if the selected region was initially rendered past the bottom edge of the screen

ADDED: The Guardian family has grown a little in recent days. The team congratulates S&D! We are all very excited for the future

- - -

If you are a Guardian Pro subscriber and have not yet tried our macOS app (including WireGuard support), please visit our website to download the app and try it out.

Access to the macOS app is already included with your Guardian Pro subscription.

Thank you very much for your feedback and continued support.

Classificações e críticas

Luis Aurelio ,


Excelente trabalho realizado. Numa altura em que se fala muito de privacidade, ou falta dela, é de louvar o trabalho desenvolvido pelos developers.


Guardian Firewall (Monthly)
Guardian Firewall (Monthly)
Monthly subscription to Guardian Firewall
10,49 €
Guardian Pro (Annual)
Guardian Pro (Annual)
Yearly subscription to Guardian Pro
164,99 €

Compras integradas

Guardian Firewall (Day Pass)
Guardian Firewall (Day Pass)
24 hours of access to Guardian Firewall
0,99 €

Privacidade da app

O programador, Sudo Security Group, Inc, indicou que as práticas de privacidade da app podem incluir o tratamento de dados conforme descrito abaixo. Encontrará mais informação na política de privacidade do programador.

Dados não recolhidos

O programador não recolhe quaisquer dados desta app.

As práticas de privacidade podem variar, por exemplo, consoante as funcionalidades utilizadas ou a idade do utilizador. Saiba mais


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