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Explore your city with HelloLocal and instantly discover sensational offers, deals and useful information based on exactly where you are.

HelloLocal uses the latest iBeacon, QR Code, SMS and proximity technology to deliver amazing, personalized offers directly to you. Search and explore HelloLocal Zones to quickly discover what’s going on around you. Choose the categories of offer that you want to receive and never miss an offer by reviewing them in your history.

Thanks to HelloLocal you don’t have to search for the best offers, deals and information any longer, it all comes to you!

You will find offersfrom local , cafes, restaurants and shops including discounts, coupons. You will also find fascinating information from museums, galleries and venues located all around you delivered straight to your iPhone or iPad.

With HelloLocal you can:

•Share the amazing offers with your friends on social media
•Favourite an offer to share your details with that retailer for more great personalized offers
•Use a QR Code reader to discover more offers
•Protect your personal information
•Review your history of offers and favourites
•Select only the categories of offers you wish to receive
•Use HelloLocal anywhere

It’s great for both locals and visitors. You can now explore the City around you in a whole new way with HelloLocal.

You will need to be near a beacon to receive content. If you are not near a beacon the default content page will show you new 'Zones' and events that are utilising our service. It's all about proximity! You will get great information and offers when you are 'in the zone'!

*HelloLocal may at times use GPS to locate a beacon. This is an infrequently used requirement of the product.


Versão 1.16.10

UI enhancements


iProximity Pty Ltd
4.9 MB

Requer o iOS 11.0 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


Português, Espanhol, Inglês



  • Wallet

    Todos os seus passes, bilhetes, cartões e muito mais, num só lugar.

  • Partilha com a família

    Ao ativar a Partilha com a família, a app pode ser utilizada por 6 membros da família.

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