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All your timers at your fingertips.

Clepsydra is a gorgeous app providing a simple, convenient and intuitive way to manage all the timers in your life. Use it for cooking, for working out, and anything else!

"If you want something more robust, and if you have a lot of specific needs (using the same timers over and over again), Clepsydra is our first choice for a third-party app." — The Sweet Setup

— Experience a beautiful and clean interface
— Add a truly unlimited amount of timers
— Access timers quickly and efficiently
— Pause & resume timers
— View the progress of your timers from afar
— Choose from various sounds to add to your timers
— Set the interface to your favorite color
— Determine which timers appear on the Today widget and Apple Watch
— iCloud sync

Today widget:
— Get instant access to your favorite timers from any app
— View the progress of running timers
— Tap to start/pause/stop a timer

Apple Watch app:
— All your timers available on your wrist
— View the progress of running timers
— Tap to start/pause/stop a timer

Clepsydra extensively supports URL schemes (clepsydra://), including x-callback-url. Go to for more details or contact us at
Happy time tracking!


Versão 1.1

This new version introduces quite a few new features:

- Apple Watch app! Your complete timer list is now available on your wrist. Timers can be started, paused and stopped from the Apple Watch.

- iCloud sync! Preferences and timers now sync with iCloud and stay up-to-date on all your devices. Note that starting a timer on one device will not start the timer on the others. All other timer settings will sync, however. iCloud sync can be turned off in the preferences.

- x-callback-url support! Clepsydra can now be activated with URLs such as:
Many options are available, such as starting/pausing/stopping, editing, deleting and creating new timers. Visit for the complete list.

- Pause timers! Long tap on a timer to pause. This works on the main timer list, on the notification center and on the big timer view.

- Multiple alerts! A timer can now play a sound and show an alert more than once after completion. The exact number of times an alert is shown can be set when editing a timer.

We welcome any suggestions! Please email us at Also, please consider leaving a comment on the App Store <3


Alexandre Truppel
16.8 MB

Requer o iOS 8.2 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.



2,29 €


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