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Gain access to a handpicked list of 231 Lisbon hidden spots. Let us take you on a personal tour of beautiful design and original concepts.

Your guide for this trip will be Lorena Fernández, who is a local authority on all that is elegant and underground (her eye for design has earned her upwards of 50,000 followers on Instagram).

Let us show you the best things to do in Lisbon:

• Find the best Lisbon restaurants : Taste the best “petiscos” and “bifanas” in tascas that only locals know. Plan a memorable dinner inside a gallery with river views. Then, enjoy the best Lisbon cuisine without breaking the bank.

• Start your day with the best coffee – Save time finding the best Lisbon cafes near you and enjoy an amazing coffee while you read independent magazines.

• Indulge yourself in the best of Lisbon shopping – Make someone happy with that perfect gift from a shop that has every single cute thing in Portugal.

• Experience exclusive activities – Discover the most popular flea market in Lisbon, or admire influential art in unique art galleries. Then enjoy a small area in Lisbon where you’ll find a trendy mix of everything you love, cultural events, shops, restaurants, cafés, art centers, etc.

• End the day with the best Lisbon nightlife – Lose yourself in exclusive Lisbon clubs and taste craft beer and cocktails at secret Lisbon bars.

• Wake up in the most special hotels in Lisbon - We’ve handpicked the Lisbon hotels and apartments with the most beautiful design for any budget so you can make them your home.

• Never miss a great event again - During your Lisbon holidays be part of the best up-and-coming concerts, markets, dance parties, and events with our What’s On calendar.

With a beautiful, simple and minimalist design (winner of the Silver LAUS Award) our Lisbon Travel Guide & City Map makes planning what to do in Lisbon easier than ever.

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