Maestro - Conducting 4+

Tijs Krammer

Desenvolvida para iPad

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This app is for musicians who want to learn to conduct. You will get to know the patterns for the different time signatures and learn to use the left hand to indicate musical matters like cuing and cutting off. Moreover, you will learn to show the right kind of rebounce in your movements, because the patterns are shown as supple, instructive animation, rather than as pictures.

The app is aimed at both choir and orchestra conductors and will be interesting for both beginner as well as advanced musicians.

Subjects in the app are:
- The conducting patterns, like the four and three beat patterns
- Cuing entries with the left hand
- Cutting-off sounds with the left hand
- Starting and stopping the music
- Indicating tempo and dynamics
- Conducting changes in time signatures
- Advanced techniques, like cuing in between beats, showing articulations, subdividing and conducting fermata.

The app is suited for left-handed people as well: all movements can be shown mirrored.


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