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Tired of simple soccer games with no tactical strategy, but too busy for complex sims? You’ve found your new favorite!

mini matchday features fast-paced soccer gameplay combining intuitive arcade action with tactical decision making!

Deploy your players to control the field and create chances, while denying your opponent the opportunity to do the same! Understand your team’s strengths and exploit each opponent’s weaknesses!

Does your team play with adventurous, creative unpredictability, or park the bus and defend with all you’ve got? Will you stick to your tactical philosophy, or react to disrupt your opponent’s gameplan?

24 different teams! Friendly matches and tournament mode! Challenge a friend with the local multiplayer head to head mode!

mini matchday - a new dawn of soccer gaming, for all fans of the beautiful game!


Versão 2.1.0

This update fixes a bug that caused some touches to be registered twice.

Thank you for playing mini matchday!

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