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The NutriCare Tools app offers evidence, research, and knowledge based tools that a registered dietitian nutritionist can use in nutrition assessment and intervention of patients and clients. With NutriCare Tools, you can quickly assess anthropometric data, convert scientific measurements, calculate energy and fluid needs, access meal planning resources to create individualized nutrition plans, locate the Dietary Reference Intakes to meet your client’s nutrition needs, and find resources to help identify signs of nutrient deficiency in your clients. NutriCare Tools also offers valuable resources for you to use during your nutrition consultations with patients and clients including: accessing sample nutrition labels (English and Spanish), allergen and labeling information, physical activity recommendations, anatomical images to aid in nutrition and disease-related education, and interventions to assist in treating the most common nutrition-related symptoms! Download today.

The app highlights include essential nutrition assessment calculators, nutrition reference pages, meal planning resources, and images to support health care professionals and registered dietitian nutritionists.

Key features include:

-- Anthropometric Tools
o Pediatric Growth Charts (0–24 months, 2–20 years) calculators
o Age corrected for prematurity calculator
o Amputation Weight & BMI calculator
o Arm Anthropometry calculator
o Body Mass Index calculator
o Body Surface Area calculator
o Height from Knee (Ages 6–60, Ages 60+) calculators
o Ideal Body Weight (Hamwi) calculator
o Normal Body Weight Range calculator
o Standard Body Weight calculator
o Weight Change Assessment calculator
o Guide to Measuring Height, Length, and Stature Accurately

-- Conversions
o Cooking Recipe Measurements Conversion calculator
o Lab Values/SI Conventional Units Conversion calculator
o Metric/US units Conversion calculator
o Mg/mEq/mmol Conversion calculator

-- Energy Requirements
o Adult Energy DRI calculator
o Harris Benedict calculator
o Miflin St. Jeor calculator
o Penn State 2003b calculator
o Penn State 2010 calculator
o Pediatric Energy DRI (0–35 Months) calculator
o Pediatric Energy DRI (3–18 Years) calculator
o Hospitalized Pediatric Energy Calculator

-- Fluid Requirements
o Fluid Requirements Holliday (BSA) calculator
o Total Water Requirements DRI calculator

-- Label Reading
o Food Allergen Label Reading
o Gluten-Free Labeling
o Health Claims
o Nutrient Content Claims
o Restaurant Menu/Vending Machine Labels
o Sample Nutrition Facts Labels (English and Spanish)

-- Meal Planning
o DASH Eating Pattern calculator
o Diabetes Choices Finder
o Dietary Guidelines Reference
o Energy Content of Macronutrients calculator
o Gluten-Free Grains list
o Tips for Home Food Safety
o USDA Food Patterns calculator for Healthy Meal Planning
o USDA Vegetarian Food Patterns calculator for Healthy Meal Planning
o USDA Vegan Food Patterns calculator for Healthy Meal Planning

-- Vegetarian Meal Planning Guidance
o Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) Nutrient Requirements
o Macronutrient calculator
o Micronutrient calculator

-- Physical Activity
o Hydration Recommendations for Athletes
o Hydration Status of Athletes calculator
o Physical Activity Benefits
o Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans (2008)
o Types of Physical Activity

-- Physical Assessment
o Possible signs of Nutrient Deficiency
o Anatomy Images

-- Symptom Management
o Tips for Managing Constipation
o Tips for Managing Diarrhea
o Tips for Managing Lack of Appetite
o Tips for Managing Nausea and Vomiting

-- Glossary of common terms

About the App Developer:
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is the world's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. For more information about the Academy, visit


Versão 1.2

-- Bug Fixes.


Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
11.6 MB

Requer o iOS 7.0 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.



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