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PUMP - The app for electric car drivers
• Find the best charging stations
• Connect your vehicle and get live data
• See your battery level in a nice widget
• Plan your trips with ONE tap
• Calculates charging durations on the fly
• Cost comparison

You find more than 100.000 charging stations across Europe. This includes Fast Chargers and HyperChargers. For most stations, you can track in real-time if your plug is available or occupied.

PUMP plans your routes across Europe in a few seconds. You can chose to avoid specific charge point operators or if you want to arrive with a specific level of charge. Check easily how long a trip will take and find the best and most reliable spots to charge your vehicle.

PUMP calculates automatically how long your electric vehicle will charge at a charge point. Stop thinking about technical details. We support more than hundred vehicle models of the top brands.

Easily connect vehicles of Tesla, BMW, Renault, VW, Audi, Mini and many more directly with PUMP. The state of charge will be synchronized and shown directly within the app and in a nice iOS widget on your homescreen.

Subscribe to a charge point to monitor its availability and receive smart push notifications. You will be notified if it becomes available or is fully occupied. This is very helpful in cities: be the first one to know if a charging station becomes available again to charge your vehicle.

∙ Germany: Allego, EnBW, Innogy, eON, Ladenetz, IONITY, Fastned, Virta, ...
∙ Austria: Wien Energie, Smatrics, IONITY, ...
∙ Switzerland: Green Motion, MOVE, SwissCharge, IONITY, ...
∙ Norway: Mer, Recharge, Fortum, Oslo, IONITY, ...
∙ Netherlands: Allego, Last Mile Solutions, GreenFlux, EVBox, NewMotion, IONITY, ...
∙ Italy: IONITY, Enel X, ...
∙ Spain: Iberdrola, IBIL, ...
∙ Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland

Others solutions for trip planning like ABRP or Plugshare feel complicated and confusing. You love to use simple and beautiful products? PUMP is the app for you.


Versão 1.0.16

Bug fixes and small visual improvements.

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