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Join millions of people improving their mental wellbeing and reaching their goals!

Featured in Forbes, Wired, American Psychiatric Association and many more:
“The most helpful app I’ve ever come across. Even more helpful than books, courses, and counseling on self-improvement, motivation, etc. I’m so grateful to have found this wonderful resource. I highly recommend it to anyone.” – Alison, USA

The Remente Mental Wellbeing app contains the following:
- A life assessment tool that gives you an overview of your life balance, helping you to focus your efforts on areas that need attention.
- A day planner for your daily to-do’s and a goal planning tool, acting as a life coach to help you achieve goals, maintain life balance and reduce stress.
- A mood journal that logs your mood in real-time.
- A powerful journaling function to help you reflect on your goals, anxiety, stress or wellness, while keeping track of your progress.
- A curated collection of courses, articles and exercises to help you thrive in every aspect of life.
- A gallery of expertly crafted goal plans that you can use to grow.

The Remente team consists of experts in the fields of psychology, coaching, and mental training. We’ve pioneered internet psychiatry treatments and coached world-class athletes to achieve more and do better. The Remente family cherishes this tool for helping them with self-love, self-mastery and a more balanced life.

Mindful Goal setting
Reducing stress and anxiety while achieving personal growth can be achieved by creating good goals and better habits. Remente acts as your life coach and offers guides and tips for setting and achieving goals (especially connected to wellbeing and self-love).

The Daily Planner
We provide a holistic approach to mental wellbeing and goal setting by helping you plan, get reminded, and take action. Your own personal life coach!

Life assessment
Tracking your life balance is an important tool in self-care, to reduce stress and anxiety levels. The life assessment tool helps you determine where you should focus your personal development efforts to thrive and become mindful and healthy.

Mood Journal
Learn what makes you feel good with the Remente mood journal. For insights, the mood and thought journal allow for tagging such as “stressed” or “confident” which can be used to learn more about emotions like self-esteem and confidence.

Integrate with Google Fit to see how your body and mind affect each other.

Expert Goal Plans, Courses & Articles
Wellbeing, Mental Health and Personal development requires knowledge. We provide that knowledge in the form of courses and articles written by experts. Here are some of the topics we cover:

Mental Wellbeing, Self-Care & Self-Love
Stress Management
Anxiety Relief
Better Sleep
Motivation & Goal Setting
Making Good Decisions
Time Management
Diets & Good Health
Good Communication
Productivity & efficiency
Friends & Social Interactions
Better Relationships, tips on dating & sex
Personal Finance tips
Better Leadership
Memory Training

Remente for Business
Mental wellbeing is the key to employee performance. Equip your team with our tools for growth, focus, wellbeing and maintaining balance. With Remente, you can provide everyone in the organization with their own 24/7 life coach, instantly. Get in touch with us at


Versão 0.9.78

The new update contains some performance improvements and bugfixes.

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Remente AB
79.8 MB

Requer o iOS 13.0 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


Alemão, Espanhol, Inglês, Italiano, Sueco

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Uso pouco frequente/moderado de temas adultos/sugestivos
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