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This app features Resistance Band Workouts and more! The 135 easy to follow video lessons will soon get you in shape!

The app has many easy to use features:

Take The Guided Tour to see how you can...

*** play the lessons
*** alter the lesson title
*** alter the lesson description
*** add your own user notes
*** give your own rating to each lesson
*** skip backwards and forwards between the lesson groups

The lessons include:
Resistance Band Exercises
Home Resistance Band Workout - Part 1 Of 3
Home Resistance Band Workout - Part 2 Of 3
Home Resistance Band Workout - Part 3 Of 3
Killer Chest Core Exercise Resistance Band Pushup
Max Wettstein Resistance Band Training
How To Burn Fat With Resistance Bands
Top 3 Resistance Band Upper Back Exercises
Spartan 300 Home Killer Workout Training Resistance Band
Exercise Bands - Demonstrating 6 Resistance Bands Exercises For Her
Chest Exercise 2 - Chest Press Using Resistance Bands
Chest Exercise 3 - Chest Fly Using Resistance Bands
Back Exercise 3 - Seated Lat Pulldowns
Shoulder Exercise 3 - Shoulder Raise Using Exercise Tubes
Resistance Band Workout
Sparkpeople Resistance Band Workout
Dyna-Band Workout
Resistance Band Exercises Seated Row Exercise With Resistance Bands
Resistance Band Exercises Resistance Band Exercises Lat Pull Downs
Resistance Band Exercises Resistance Band Exercises Bicep Curl Into Lateral Raise
Easy Lower Body Workout With Resistance Band
Cheap Portable Resistance Band Workout For Upper Body
How To Get Strong And Sexy Arms With The Resistance Band
Arms Exercise 1 - Seated Tricep Extensions
Arms Exercise 2 - Tricep Extensions Using Resistance Tubes
Arms Exercise 3 - One Arm Leaning Bicep Curl
Arms Exercise 5 - Bicep Curls At Home With Elastic Bands
Resistance Band Exercise Ball Workout Chest Exercises With Resistance Band
Aylio Resistance Training Exercise Bands - Elastic Stretch Tubes Home Gym Video
Weight Training Healthy Dieting Resistance Bands
Resistance Band Training With Workout Dvd - Item 210-082
How To Use A Resistance Band For Exercise
Sparkpeople Resistance Band Workout
Arms Workout For Men Biceps And Arms Workout Bicep Curl
Arms And Upper Body Workout For Women Shoulder Press Seated
Lats And Triceps Exercise For Women With An Elastic Band
Stomach Exercise 1 - Kneeling Ab Crunch
Stomach Exercise 2 - Ab Twist Works The Obliques
Leg Exercise 3 - Hip Extension Works The Buttocks
Model Fitness Exercise Band Workout With Kim Strother
Pbw Fitness Training Exercise Tube For The Upper Body Vol 1
Pbw Fitness Training Exercise Tube For Lower Body Vol 2
Abdominal Exercises Resistance Band Workout For Abs


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Phil Janusz
8.9 MB

Requer o iOS 8.0 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.



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