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The Oceans episode is now available!

Release hotfix.

Nature’s most precious ecosystems are under threat. Now is the time to connect with nature and rewild the world in Augmented Reality (AR).

Transform your surroundings into thriving ecosystems in AR, as you watch stunning scenes from the Netflix original documentary series Our Planet. Encounter majestic, endangered wildlife up close and rewild fragile biomes from home. Learn about vital conservation initiatives and join other users in becoming a voice of the planet, speaking up for nature.

It's easy! Just make sure you have an AR-compatible iOS device.

• Scan your playspace and align your virtual screen.
• Choose one of the earth’s biomes to unlock 2D and AR content.
• Move around to REWILD! Interact with your playspace in AR to rewild!
• Speak up for nature and leave a pledge that persists over time.

• Playspace should be a minimum of 1.5 metres (outside is really nice!)
• Make sure you have good lighting, and that there’s nothing to trip over.
• If your device storage is looking full, it's best to clear some space.


REWILD is an Immersive AR Nature Experience, brought to you by PHORIA, Netflix & Google.


Versão 1.4

Hotfix for ocean episode.

The Ocean biome is now available (launching on World Oceans Day!)

Open oceans are the world's truest wilds, home to mysterious creatures like the majestic WHALE and playful DOLPHINS. See how we can restore our oceans and support the communities who depend on them.

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