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Smarty CRM is an organizer for business people. It allows you to manage contacts, tasks in a planner, notes, goals, files and communication. Business app is able to work even without Internet and synchs with the web version.


The service is suitable for those who no longer wish to write down important information in notebooks, on pieces of paper or in tables. The program is designed primarily for active people working in various business fields.

You can choose from four rate plans: Basic, Start, Business and Profi. Basic is a free tariff and is suitable for individual work. The other three — for small, medium and large groups of users or companies. To begin to work together, go to organizer settings and send invitations.


The organizer has a tiled interface, which forms special visual range and organizes contacts by status. How does it look like?

● Firstly, the size of the card indicates a value of a particular person or a company (with high or conventional priority).
● Secondly, a color of a card indicates at what stage your relationship are (colors and names of the stages can be changed).

Our organizer is able to replace a whole bunch of programs, e.g. contact manager. calendar, to-do list and notepad. In terms of simplicity, it is close to electronic diaries and in terms of functionality — to CRM-systems providing the advantages of both.


The service improves user's personal efficiency, helping to manage his personal and business information. The organizer consists of 5 sections.

— Contacts. There you can find cards where information about your customers and partners, as well as the history of relations with them, is stored.
— Notes. Let you not just record your thoughts, but also to organize them by importance.
— Goals. This section is responsible for long-term planning. It has a tree-like structure with support for nested elements.
— Planner. It is intended for short-term planning of your business. Includes a calendar, events and notifications.
— Files. Upload necessary materials in Smarty CRM, so that they are always at hand.

Organizer is designed so that all the blocks are connected with each other. This simplifies navigation in the program.

Smarty CRM also allows users to:

— communicate with each other;
— work on joint tasks in one account
— import and export organizer data.

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Versão 3.5.130

Bugs are fixed and performance has been improved.
Please write us if you have any questions or comments.

Privacidade da app

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