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Introducing "Spanish 16" from Addictive Spanish ( - a Spanish language learning app featuring a smart dictionary and a fun vocabulary learning tool!

“Spanish 16” helps you learn more than 2,000 popular and commonly-used words using a unique teaching strategy designed to enhance your retention of the Spanish language quickly and easily.

Our app utilizes the same proven techniques and criteria used by top language courses, teachers & tutors around the world, which urges students to;

* Repeat words over and over again
* Hear words spoken multiple times to master pronunciation
* See and hear words in example sentences to build fluency and understanding

“Spanish 16” covers all these techniques with an extremely organized system we call “Word Bags” - a feature that displays a set of themed words for students to translate. Each word bag is ordered from easy to difficult and contains 16 words that are shown randomly for the student to translate correctly. The app keeps score as the student progresses and awards a trophy once all words are translated correctly.

It’s time to master the language with “Spanish 16”!


* More than 2,000 commonly used Spanish words to learn and master, including audio examples!
* Fun & intuitive learning system based on proven language-learning techniques
* Offline & online English-Spanish Dictionary with advanced search and browsing functionality
* Sync your data with iCloud to use your saved progress across devices
* Weekly report cards sent to your email to keep you motivated and on track


Versão 3.0.0

A totally renewed Spanish16

Enjoy the features that you love and use on a daily basis with a hole new design experience.

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