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TRANSPark helps commercial drivers and road transport fleet managers easily find and add secure and comfortable parking areas in over 60+ countries worldwide. It was created to prevent freight and fuel theft by listing security features available for each parking area, as well as listing available amenities to improve driver comfort while on duty.

With TRANSPark, you can:
Search, locate and contact parking areas and fuel stations:
- Near you, up to 400km away
- Along your planned itinerary

Search for or select parking areas based on:
- Security levels (cameras, dangerous goods accepted, 24/7 guard, fences, flood lighting)
- Comfort levels (fuel station, sanitary facilities, hotel, restaurant/buffet, coffee shop, medical assistance, electric connection, vehicle repair, vehicle wash)

Contribute and help other drivers:
- Add your favourite parking areas that are not yet available in the app
- Update or add information on a parking area
- Rate and share your experience on parking areas you visit


Versão 4.0.3

- POI edit screen layout updated.

Privacidade da app

O programador, International Road Transport Union (IRU), não forneceu detalhes sobre as respetivas práticas de privacidade e o envio de dados à Apple. Encontrará mais informação na política de privacidade do programador.

Não foram fornecidos detalhes

O programador terá de fornecer detalhes de privacidade quando enviar a próxima atualização da app.


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    Ao ativar a Partilha com a família, a app pode ser utilizada por 6 membros da família.

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