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This App includes the calculator of the Vitiligo Extent Score (VES). The VES is a measure to express
the overall vitiligo involvement of the body (extent). It is designed for physicians to support the
assessment of the vitiligo extent.  It can be used in clinical trials and daily practice. With this App the
total extent score or the extent score per body part can be calculated. The calculation can also be
summarised in a PDF file. This file can be sent to you email address. Construction was performed at
the Ghent University Hospital/Ghent University by Prof. N van Geel and Prof. R. Speeckaert
(copyright). The vitiligo extent score was validated (paper version) in cooperation with the
International vitiligo score working group.
Visit to find out more about the VES. A blank version of the VES
tool to print can be downloaded by this website. This printed template can be used to mark the
vitiligo extent and to calculate the score later.
This calculator includes pictures that reflect vitiligo lesions of different degrees of extent. For each
area one picture can be selected, which best represents the extent of the vitiligo lesions. In order to
ensure a more accurate calculation, each picture gives you several sub-options that can be selected if
After choosing a picture (or a second option if needed), the score [i.e. percentage of body surface
area (BSA) involved] will be automatically calculated. If no picture or second option is selected, this
will automatically result in 0% of body surface area involved.


Versão 1.83

We updated the legalnotice.


Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent Openb. Instel.
39.9 MB

Requer o iOS 12.1 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.

Uso pouco frequente/moderado de informaçāo Médica/Tratamento


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